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Movie Movie Podcast #119: Time Machine! Best of 2011

We started this podcast back in 2012, which means there are dozens or years of movies we never got to rate! So sit back and for a sojourn to the year before we started out podcast. Join Russ, Alex, Peter and myself as we give our top movies from the year 2011 (and the New Mutants) on this episode of the Movie Movie Podcast. Recorded on November 27th 2020.

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Face Stomp 2

Ryan Gosling and writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn destroyed expectations as well as faces with last years ‘Drive.’ They are currently reteaming for ‘Only God Forgives.’ Here’s the synopsis from IMDB.COM

A Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster settle their differences in a Thai-boxing match.

Footage was recently shown at Cannes. It has been described as being just as violent at ‘Drive’, which is leading to speculation that this will be even more violent.

Not sure about this.

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