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Movie Movie Podcast #15: Don’t Touch My Box

This was originally titled “The Lawless Possession of a Bachelorette”, then it was “The Bachelorette’s Lawless Possession” but I’m deciding to break the trend this week. Welcome back for another episode of the Movie Movie Podcast! Our first podcast of September and it’s a doozy! Join Peter, Alex, Russ and myself as we hark back on Lawless, pray for The Possession and get rowdy with Bachelorette. Recorded on September 10th 2012.

Also, we were invited to perform our improve comedy form at Roomies, a variety show at Tripple Crown in NYC, tomorrow, September 11th 2012, at 10:00 PM. Come on out!

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Terrible Casting

The trailer for ‘Lawless’ debuted this week. First off this movie instantly reminded me of ‘The Newton Boys’, which was a painful memory. But mostly I have a huge problem with this film over the casting- the two tough brothers are played by Tom Hardy and Shia Lebeouf.

One of those things is not like the other.

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