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Ant-Man Has A Release Date

Ant-Man crawls into theaters November 6th, 2015.   It will be the second of two Marvel movies being released by Disney that year.  Considering that Avengers 2 is the big May release in 2015, I’m guessing, we’ll get some introduction to Ant-Man around that time at least in a cameo role.  Most of the Marvel characters have shown up in a smaller capacity first before getting their own film, and since Ant-Man doesn’t have as much name recognition, I’d imagine the cameo route to be the case for him as well.

What this leaves me wondering, and I know I’m getting ahead of myself, is if Ant-Man kicks off Phase Three of the Marvel movies, if it is an epilogue to Phase Two, which is purely cosmic, or if it is independent of the Avengers world’s arc completely.  I for one would prefer him to cameo in a film first, and then have his own standalone film cognizant of the Avengers stuff, but unrelated, and with no origin story.  That’s asking a lot, and I’ll probably like whatever Edgar Wright decides to do considering he’s brilliant, so none of what I just wrote matters.  I do hope that it is still light in tone and almost comedic like Wright said he’d like to do.

It will probably be a while before we hear anything about casting, but we can assume the fanboy chants for Nathan Fillion to commence shortly.

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Ms. Marvel in Avengers 2 To Be Played By…

Either Ruth Wilson or Emily Blunt.

Either way they decide to go on this one I’m into for Avengers 2.  Carol Danvers being brought into the Cinematic Marvel Universe is nothing short of brilliant.  I, like many others, feel like she’s the woman who Phil Coulson dated, so bringing her in for that reason makes sense.  The fact that she is one of the better female characters in the Marvel U and they are going the cosmic route for the next set of films, this makes sense.  The fact that they are pretty much only looking at English actresses, because they are better at acting also makes sense.

Emily Blunt I think is the safer choice, but slightly more expensive choice.  I think she could play this role well.  She was originally set to play Black Widow, but had to drop out of the role due to scheduling conflicts.  She can play an american very well (see: Looper), and she’s not so recognizable that you’ll associate her with other films.  She can BE Carol Danvers.

Ruth Wilson I think is the better choice.  Marvel likes to hire their actors on a shoestring pay scale, but wrap them into multi-film deals, which would likely work better for Wilson than Blunt.  She’s already the female lead in The Lone Ranger, another Disney film, which despite being a mess of a production, I’m going to see.  She’s purely MAGNETIC in Luther.  She plays the best female character on tv, this side of Homeland.  She’s unusually gorgeous, and I feel like she would greatly fit the mold of awesomely strong, funny, smart female characters that Whedon writes.

I honestly don’t care which way they go, because I’m so happy Danvers/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel is going to brought into the fold.  I hope it’s Wilson though.

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Black Panther And Why You Are Racist If This Doesn’t Interest You

So rumor has it that the powers that be, in understanding that their Marvel universe needs expansion, are planning on not only getting an Ant-Man movie out (which could be cool), but there are also plans for a Black Panther film.  Now before everyone goes all “this wont work in film” I’ll ask the question: why?  Most of the people who’ll say this largely don’t read comics, let alone Black Panther comics, which leads me to believe, you probably just don’t think there is a place for black superheroes.

Is odd as it seems, the ONLY place where I think it would be well-received or accepted would be in the Marvel universe.  Because they control the vision of their characters, important themes don’t get left by the wayside.  Besides Wakanda has been alluded to in Iron Man 2, Cap’s shield is made of Vibranium, which comes from Wakanda, and before that from an alien meteor, so all of the elements are in place.  Black Panther in the Avengers cartoon is almost exactly how he would play in this universe.  He’s like their Batman.  There sometimes, and not their others. Very mysterious and always in the shadows. I think there are a number of actors who could pull this off, but Chwietel Ejiofor seems like the best choice.

I hope that one of the secret Marvel films in the next two years is this.

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