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Viggo Mortensen Strange Phd

Super thin rumors to share with you today. Viggo Mortensen may be joining the Marvel movie universe as Doctor Strange.

I really hope they start fleshing out the universe in phase two. There is no reason why characters can’t pop up in small roles. The Falcon will be in Captain America. They should really introduce Hank Pym somewhere, mostly as a scientist and less as Ant-Man (They are doing Scott Lang Ant-Man for the film).

Viggo can make the character work with it’s over the top magic-ness. This will be a huge test for Marvel to show their werider characters can work on film.

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Comic Con: Marvel Phase 2 Round Up

This was a long and exciting weekend with all the news coming from Comic-Con. There are a few things we want to share with you in case you missed it. Let’s start off with all the Marvel Movie News.
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I Want To Learn More About My Character

In a recent Collider interview with Idris Elba, the subject of ‘Thor 2’ came up. Elba said he would be back as the Asgardian God Heimdall. He also said that in the sequel he would love if we could learn more about this character.

This is probably horseshit.

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