Viggo Mortensen Strange Phd

Super thin rumors to share with you today. Viggo Mortensen may be joining the Marvel movie universe as Doctor Strange.

I really hope they start fleshing out the universe in phase two. There is no reason why characters can’t pop up in small roles. The Falcon will be in Captain America. They should really introduce Hank Pym somewhere, mostly as a scientist and less as Ant-Man (They are doing Scott Lang Ant-Man for the film).

Viggo can make the character work with it’s over the top magic-ness. This will be a huge test for Marvel to show their werider characters can work on film.

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One thought on “Viggo Mortensen Strange Phd

  1. Dunn says:

    Potentially great news. I am really interested to see how Marvel will handle heroes that don’t have their own franchises such as Dr. Strange and The Falcon. Hopefully they can show up at the final epic battle in Avengers 2, but hopefully they don’t try to shoehorn them into the bigger plot.

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