X-Men: Days of Future Past News

So some relatively interesting news came out of 20th Century Fox camp regarding the sequel to Xmen First Class.

Mark Millar (writer of Kick-Ass and Wanted), has come out to say that the sequel to Xmen set in the past, but dealing with the future, will be very Terminator-like in tone, which should only mean that we are finally going to get a story filled with Sentinels.  This should come as no surprise to anyone that read the original Days of Future Past story.  So this is a good thing.  It seems like Fox, now that Tom Rothman has left the studio is really going to try and focus on the Marvel properties they have and try and follow the Avenger blueprint by creating a cohesive world.  Millar, who will be working for Fox as the Marvel guru, similar to Whedon’s job with Disney, and he basically said that he wants to try and make it so that when we go and see an Xmen film, we don’t notice that it takes place outside of the Marvel Film Universe.  This to me is a step in the right direction, however Fox has a lot of continuity issues to clean up even with the new Xmen franchise as it relates to the former trilogy.

It sounds like Days of Future Past can help with this.  First Class, while excellent in my opinion, further made the Xmen universe convoluted especially when you compare it to Xmen Origins, and then to the first Xmen.  Famke Janssen has already intimated that she might be reprising the Jean Grey character, in The Wolverine, and Patrick Stewart even hinted he might be playing Xavier again, so maybe Days of Future Past will exist to sort of bridge all of the time/character incongruities, so that going forward we can just have normal stories that don’t make our heads hurt.  Maybe this will be like JJ Abrams’ Star Trek.  Or maybe it will just suck.

I don’t know either way, but at least they aren’t pretending like these issues aren’t going to just clean themselves up.  I hope Millar is the right man for the job, because I want to see awesome X-Men movies continue.

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