Fake Movie Friday: Houseboat

Alright…. I’m in a horror kind of mood, so…


The year is 1982. Billy, age 16, has always been an outsider. At every school he’s been to the kids all make fun of him, the teachers don’t understand him and cannot help him (or just don’t want to). He lives with his dad and his older sister, Katlyn, on a house boat, which makes all of the kids at school think he is even weirder. He also has terrifying dreams. The first one we see is of him strapped to a chair, crying his eyes out. It looks almost like saw. He is begging the person not to keep going, the person looks like a sci-fi version of a nazi scientist. He keeps flipping a switch which will electrocute Billy who would scream if they didn’t put a gag in his mouth to stop him from choking on his tongue. There are shadowy figures in the background who watch and nod at the scientist to flip the switch. He wakes up sweating.

Billy eats lunch by himself at school, does his work, and goes home. His sister Katlyn goes out with a boy in Billy’s school that is older. He picks on Billy and his sister adds to it both at home and at school. Billy has another dream, this one is at an amusement park, it’s super creepy looking and over exaggerated in every way. In this dream Billy is hanging from the carriage of the ferris wheel while it is stuck at the top. Everyone in the park is pointing and laughing at him. He slips from the carriage and before he hits the ground wakes up.

There have been some weird occurrences happening on the house boat. Possessions have gone missing from every member of the family, people are blaming everyone else for what is happening, There are wet footprints around the boat every morning that are too large to be any of the family.

(I would just like to state now that I have no idea where I’m going with this)

More stuff like that has already happens happen. We see Billy continue to get bullied, throw a punch and knock a kid out (because the kid hit his head on a locker or something afterwards) and be sent to detention and then sent home. His father is furious and says something like, “it’s things like this that made your mother leave, Billy.” Billy has another dream that night. He’s on a raft in the middle of the ocean with no one else, sharks are circling around the raft. The raft is deflating and he is struggling to try and keep it afloat and safe. He dives into the water and swims with the sharks. He tries hiding but they still find him. They can smell him out. He starts to swim but the swim up faster, the dream ends and Billy wakes up in a sweat.

He also wakes up to discover that the houseboat is now in the middle of the ocean. He wakes up his dad and his sister and asks them if they know what’s going on. They don’t have any idea, the motor is busted and they are stranded. They freak out, try to come up with a scheme but can’t come up with anything. Billy hears a noise and goes to check it out, he comes running back screaming to get inside the house boat. They all go into a room and lock themselves in. They all listen for something to happen but nothing ever does. Billy suggests he will go check out whats going on outside, his father and sister agree (BAD PARENT).

Let’s wrap this up.

Billy checks it out, finds nothing, and finally we realize that it was Billy who was stealing things from his dad and sister, and that he is the one who let the houseboat off the dock and broke the engine. Billy confronts his dad and sister, who are still locked in the door. There is a lot of shouting, we find out that Billy was given electroshock treatment as a kid because his parents thought he was gay. We also find out that his real parents put him up for adoption when he was very young, so actually his step parents and sister were the ones putting him through electroshock. Also another one of his step sisters died at an amusement park while Billy tried to help her, his step dad was causing a drunken ruckus and the security guards were dealing with him instead of helping out his sister. The step mother then took her own life after this and the family hasn’t been the same since. There’s more shouting, they both are blaming Billy for their shitty lives. Finally Billy unlocks the door, and when his step dad and sister open the door Billy is gone. They look all over the boat for him, but there is no sign of him anywhere. They try to get everything working again but end up in a big fight, they end up sinking the boat and sharks start to circle around them, we see billy on a sinking raft frantically getting away and smiling as the sharks are not interested in him but in the other two.


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