Fake Movie Friday: Untitled Time Travel Movie Involving Grandparents

So I didn’t fall asleep until 8:30am for some reason and I tried my best to write a movie with no sleep this morning but I couldn’t move. Now I’m just staring at the wall so let’s see what comes out of my head brain. When was the last time a kid was transported in time anyway? ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ in 2008? I can’t think of a title.

Untitled Time Travel Movie Involving Grandparents

Kyle, played by Logan Lerman, is told by his dad that the spring break family vacation to the Bahamas is cancelled. This is awful because a girl he like’s was also going to the same resort with her family. His dad needs to go somewhere else on business and his mom is going too. They are high-powered married lawyers. Kyle will be sent to stay with his grandparents.

He goes to try to talk to the girl he likes but she doesn’t seem to care at all and Kyle heads to his grandparents dejected. The first night is super boring as he is shown old photo albums. In the pictures his grandparents are played by Clarke Duke and Brie Larson. Kyle jokes about how nerdy his grandfather looks and his grandfather, Rick, says it was a real trick getting her.

He’s bored out of his mind that night and is woken up for breakfast at 5:30. He lies to his grandparents about something and doesn’t go to the store with them. He snoops around the house and makes fun of them. Walking around the grounds, it’s a farm, he falls into a well. When he awakes standing over him is Clarke Duke. He yells as he figures out he somehow went back in time.

Hilarity ensues as he tries to fit in in 1950s society. He works on the farm. He is welcome with his great grandparents WITHOUT QUESTION. He starts to learn that Rick is a lot like him. Rick shows all the neat machines he’s built for the farm.

In town Rick ducks into an alley and Kyle is confused. He looks across the street and see’s his Grandmother, Becky, and she looks real good. She is walking around with the cool kids. Kyle talks about how Rick is a great guy and he should talk to her. He pushes him across the street. Rick fails miserably and the two walk away.

Kyle makes it his mission to help out Rick. He tries to teach him cool things from his own time and it’s REAL funny. OTHER UNINTERESTING THINGS HAPPEN. Kyle somehow screws it up. Becky gets mad at Rick. At the carnival, BOOM, rick designs a really awesome booth and is a hit. Becky starts to see him in another light. Rick and Kyle save her from a broken Ferris Wheel. Rick and Becky have their first kiss.

Kyle is somehow transported back to the present and has a great rest of the week with his grandparents.



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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Magic wells! Of course… I like how by the end of writing this you were just naming things that happen at the carnival. I think we are all out of ideas…. we’ve done half a year, I think we can keep it up!

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