Fake Movie Friday: 20-Something Brunette

Hey all you beautiful people. It’s a lovely Friday. What a great way to kick off another year of no one caring about what I write once a week! So let’s start Fake Movie Friday YEAR TWO! This is a quick one, writing at work.

20 Something Brunette

Movie opens with a girl behind a starbucks counter getting yelled at. She stars blankly at the customer complaining and her phone buzzes. She checks it and it is her agent. He says she got a call back for a role. She tosses her apron at the customer and runs out happy. Jump cut to her tied up in a basement screaming.

A tired looking cop, Jones, stands over her naked and withered body that was found in an alley. He looks her over for any clues but finds nothing. A medical examiner there says he isn’t quite sure what happened, it looks like the moisture has been sucked from her body. Jones leaves confused with little to go on.

He heads home and is greeted by his younger sister Emily, who just moved to the city to act. He is looking over the file on the dead girl. Emily comments that she is her body type, and it’s nice to not have the competition for roles. He laughs and goes back to his work. Looking thorugh the database he finds a young aspiring actress died in this fashion 3 months ago, and three months before that. They were all in their twenties and their body type was similar.

He interviews the agents about their career or lack there of. Both agents said they were sure the women would make it, as the scene cuts back and forth between the 2 agents saying similar things. They both were out on a call back for a role that called for a younger looking Rachel Hemmingway.

Jones goes to visit Ms. Hemmingway. She is famous but the news lately has been talk about how she is getting too old for some parts. Jones doesn’t get much from her but he comments that she looks really young. She takes the compliment strangely.

A few months go by and Jones is getting nowhere with the case. He is watching the calendar for 3 months to be up and worried another murder will happen. He is working long hours driving himself crazy. He checks his voicemail and it is from his sister. She says she has a call back for a role. It has the same description of a younger Rachel Hemmingway.

Jones jumps out of his chair and races out the precinct. He is frantically calling his sister but she isn’t picking up. He calls her agent and gets the address. He gets there but the place is empty. On a hunch he drives over to Rachel’s place and finds the door unlocked. He hears something coming from the basement and barges down there.

Rachel is in robes reading from a strange book with Emily strung up on the wall. It seems like the life force is transfering bodies. Jones shoots and Rachel transforms into a horrible monster. They fight through out the house until he wins. He gets down into the basement to find Emily. She looks at least 10 years older. She jokes about being her older sister now. He takes her out of there as the cops arrive.

Cut to Emily at home checking her messages. Her agent says that no one is booking her because she looks too old. She walks into her room, opens the closet and we see Rachel’s book. Camera pans to her face as she cracks an evil looking smile.

The End.