Fake Movie Friday: A Different World

I think it might be pretty obvious which video game turned movie this would be.

A Different World

Lester is a boy genius physicist. He goes to school and is picked on. His teachers all ask him for the answers. He wins all the science fairs with things that most people thought impossible. We see his home life with his parents. He has built a robotic dog, robot maids, and all of the appliances around the house have been modified by him in some way to make them look cool.

For the next science fair Lester is planning on recreating what happened during the big bang in a concealed vacuum. His initial experiment fails with a fart, but he keeps trying. A few days before the fair he is still working frantically. There is a lightning storm outside. When it seems like everything is going right and the experiment will be a success, lightning strikes and a worm hole opens transporting Lester to a different world.

He is immediately charged at by aliens, whom he runs from at various beautiful locals. Big desert mountains, all sorts of crazy colors and stuff. While hiding out one night he is captured by the aliens and thrown in jail with another alien who does not speak and Lester just calls him Buddy. Lester and Buddy escape from jail and are on the run. They kill a guard and Lester picks up a laser beam. Buddy has brute strength and knows the world, but Lester has the brains.

Buddy saves Lester’s life a few times, and vise versa. There are puzzles around the world that lead to entrances to incredible caves but they are always on the run. The two fugitives continue to run and try to find a way for Lester to go back home.

There is a final confrontation, the two of them are trapped. It is obvious that Buddy is who they are really after. They try to kill Buddy but Lester jumps in front of the shot, and Buddy becomes infuriated. He charges the people coming after them and after a crazy brutal fight, Buddy emerges the victor. There are more guards coming though, Buddy grabs Lester and jumps from where they were, landing on the back of a giant flying creature. Lester is almost passing out but he looks into the multiple suns setting in the distance and closes his eyes are the movies fades to black.


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2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: A Different World

  1. peter says:

    Boy and his Blob?

    • johnnytigs says:

      Not enough jelly beans and hugging to be A Boy and his Blob (though I did think about writing that one up yesterday). It was based on Another World, or Out of This World in the US.

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