Fake Movie Friday: The Legacy of Taft

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to my 25th Fake Movie Friday! In celebration I have decided to write the third and final installment of the Taft Trilogy. I’ve really enjoyed writing these and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. If you are a jerk and haven’t read William Taft: Demon Slayer or Children of Taft get on it!

The Legacy Of Taft

Movie begins with one of those title sequences that let’s you know what year it is. We are in 1983 and we see old apple computers, final episode of MASH, Michael Jackson performs the moonwalk, Sally Ride, and finally Reagan announces GPS technology becoming public.

We open on the streets of NYC as our main character Will, played by Jim Stirgess, runs a three-card monte table. An elderly woman brushes past him and whispers “cops” and he runs away and down an alley. He laughs before he realizes there is someone else in the alley laughing. He turns and sees no one but upon turning around is attacked by demon looking men we are so accustomed to from the last 2 films.

He fights them off a bit and they regroup, he yells at them and they look nervous. He thinks they are afraid of him, but he his pushed aside by an older man. He yells for the man to get out of the way, but the man throws his coat aside and we see the twin silver revolvers of Charles Taft! He quickly kills the demons and drags Will into his underground base.

Charles is 86 and played by Ian McKellan. Charles gives him the run down, Tells him about his siblings and how they fought the demons in the 30s. Robert died, and he hasn’t spoken to Helen in years. The death of his brother weighs heavy on him and he became a recluse. His lair is decorated with a lot of history.

Will points out a rifle on the wall, “An Italian bolt action, like Oswald used”

Charles- “Yes, that’s it.”

Will- “Wait this is Oswald’s gun? The gun that killed Kennedy?”

Charles- “Not quite. It’s Oswald’s gun, but thats the gun that killed Kennedy (pointing at a gun on another wall). He was a demon, long story. ”

Charles tells Will that the demons are after him because he has some of William Taft’s spirit in him. Will agrees to help him and they begin the training. MONTAGE!

Charles sends Will on a reconnaissance mission. He breaks into a warehouse and learns of the demons plot to use the GPS satellite system Reagan announced to possess people on a mass scale. The demons quiet down when one of them shouts “he is coming.” Jason Isaac playing the same villain he played from the original enters and the demons cower! Isaac gives an evil speech but pauses and sniffs. “Taft? How?” Will knocks over something and Isaac sees him. Will runs and fights off some demons. The same homeless looking old women from before tells him to run down an alley and he does, when he turns around the street behind him is gone. He is confused but goes back to Charles’ lair.

He tells Charles about the demon’s plans and the arrival of Isaac (I NEVER NAMED HIM!). He mentions the old woman and the alley and Charles freezes, but tells Will to continue. The two decide they need to face Isaac head on and end this once and for all. They travel to some government base where the GPS system is housed (nonsense). They arrive as the army is in a losing fight to the demon horde. Huge fight ensues and it blows all action sequences from the first 2 out of the water. Will and Charles are beaten back but the old woman appears. She tosses her hood aside and it Maggie Smith playing the now 92 Helen Taft. She takes out a group of demons with her magic.

They find Isaac and Will fights him as the two siblings begin the spell that will banish him once and for all. Will beats back Isaac as a portal begins to open. Isaaz gets the upper hand but imaging from the portal is William and Robert Taft to help. The reunited family and Will fight more demons as the spell is successful. Isaac is beaten back. Willaim Taft says it is finally over.

Will turns to leave but no one follows him. He seems confused, but Charles tells him the world no longer needs the Tafts. The family comes together and enters a separate portal to leave after thanking Will. We see an older Will telling the story to his children. He closes the story of Taft and says goodnight to his children.

The End.

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  1. Dunn says:

    The trilogy is now complete, well done!

  2. johnnytigs says:

    Any movie with both a Sally Ride reference and JFK as a demon is two thumbs up in my book! If we used the thumb scale that is

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