Fake Movie Friday: Aloha to the Luau

It seems like since you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a preview for ‘21 & Over.’ It was the same thing last year with ‘Project X.’ Companies keep shitting out these teen party movies and advertising them to death. They cost little and make it all back getting 16 year olds excited. I’m going to try one. Title based on a line from the Workaholics ep I am watching.

Aloha to the Luau

Our main character Jay wakes up to a big breakfast made for him by his mother and father (CLASSIC PETE OPENING!). Next to his plate is a letter from Harvard. His mom already opened it. He got in and his parents are elated. He seems to not care that much and faking his smile. His parents say they can’t wait to tell everyone at the big block luau that night.

Cut to after school. His best friend Jones drives his shitty car through the lot yelling at jocks. Jay asks him to cool it and is embarrassed by all the attention. Jones brings up Harvard saying, that Jay’s mom texted him. “And these nudes,” he jokes.

Time cut and such: Jones passes by the turn to their street and Jay asks him about it. Jones laughs and they pull up to a party! Jay is hesitant but reluctantly heads in. Everyone is drunk already and doing a TON of hilarious stuff. There are girls making out, white dudes raping, and some people playing strip poker. Dudes are jumping off the roof into the pool. The nerdy kids are getting laid. It’s pandemonium.

Jones says that Jay needs to relax and slips him some drugs and he goes nuts. He’s doing karaoke and kissing everyone. He poops in the sink and wears the clothes of the mother of whoevers house it is. He takes some fireworks from some of the dudes outside. He hops on a riding mower and takes it for a joy ride. He pulls up to a McDonalds drive thru and orders 87 chicken nuggets. He pulls away and the workers are confused. They turn around and go back to work. Camera stays on them for a few seconds until Jay pops back in. He screams “THERE ARE 89!” as he throws them back through the window.

Jones grabs Jay and drags him into the car. They drive off towards home. Jay starts to freak out as they approach. He freaks out about Harvard and his parents pressuring him. Jones slams the brakes and flips out. He just wanted the m to have fun but Jay can’t help but complain about everything. Jones yells about how he didn’t even get into any schools, but you don’t see he bitching. Jay apologizes and they enter the block luau.

They laugh and try to hide the fact they have been drinking and doing drugs from the block. Everyone is proud of Jay and the Harvard news. He tosses his jacket but it lands on a grill. The fireworks go off. Sparks hit the propane, explosions all around. Jay and Jones run away. Jay finds a chicken nugget in the back of the car and eats it.

The end.