Fake Movie Friday: …And Everything Nice

Lets get this thing done! Another work and straight to Scatterbomb night and I am beat. Today’s title is courtesy of something they had written on the white board behind them.

…And Everything Nice

Foggy night, drunk guy and girl walk down the street. They kiss and he is trying for more but she pushes him off. He complains and she runs off behind an old abandon house. They find a swing set and she jumps on. He trips on his way to her and lays on the ground as she laughs at him. He realizes he can no longer hear her and starts to get up. She is gone and he hears the sounds of a little girl laughing. He turns and there is a girl in front of him. He asks her if she’s ok. She charges at him.

Phone rings and an older man rolls out of bed. He is the sheriff and is told two bodies were found. He heads out and knocks on his daughter’s door. She comes out all ready for school and ignores him. He drops her off telling her he loves her but she doesn’t answer.

Sheriff arrives at the house from the beginning and is asked by his deputy how his daughter is. He says she still hasn’t talked to him since her mother died and they moved to town. They come around the house but there is no swing set, but the bodies of the two teens are on the ground. The local doctor says it looks like they suffocated. He has found dirt in their mouths as if they were buried alive. The sheriff looks at their wrists and there are red ribbons tied around their wrists. The deputy says they were dating and the ribbon is probably a sign. The sheriff looks skeptical.

Cut to the Sheriff at his daughter’s school talking to the principal. His daughter is struggling in the new school to make friends. Sheriff talks about how his wife was hit by a truck or something. The change has been difficult for her. Outside the office she sits silently staring at the wall. She hears a little girl laughing and turns to find the girl from the swings staring at her. She jumps as her dad leaves the office. When she turns the girl is no longer there.

That night the deputy is walking around the crime scene. He hears the girls laughter and turns to find the swing set. He calls in on the radio about the swings. Dispatch just laughs at him. He turns as the little girl pounces on him.

Sheriff wakes up to the sound of his daughter screaming. He runs into her room and she backs away from him just staring out the window. He looks seeing nothing. He goes to sit with her when the phone rings. The deputy is missing. He heads to the abandoned house that morning and finds his body with a ribbon. Once again his mouth is filled with dirt.

He talks to dispatch and is told about the swings the deputy mentioned. He heads to the library to read about the old house. The old grizzled librarian finds him looking through the old newspapers and tells him he won’t find anything about it. The town doesn’t speak about it. There was a playground there. The other kids were teasing a young girl. They took the red ribbon from her hair that she always wore and tied her to the swings. There was a rumbling and they all backed away as the swing sets began to shake. A sinkhole opened up and the little girl disappeared down it, never to be found.

He heads back home and he hears a girl laughing. He goes into his daughter’s room but she isn’t there. He hears the laughing some more and out the window he see’s the swing set and girl. He runs out but it is gone. He races to the old house and finds the girl on the swings. He tries to reason with it as it advances. He draws his gun and shoots her. Dirt falls from the bullet holes. The swing set starts to slowly sink back into the earth. She dives at him and he tries to fight her. He cuffs her to the swings as they sink in and she disappears into the earth.

He turns and sees his daughter on the ground. He runs over to her and picks her up. Dirt falls from her mouth and she coughs it out. She says “Daddy?” and hugs him. They drive home. He tucks her in. She laughs and he turns off the light. He gets into bed and looks happy. The camera pulls up and looking down on him we see the floor start to turn to dirt and open up.

The end.


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  1. johnnytigs says:

    This movie has to start with: Inspired By Actual Events. Sinkhole fever comes to MMP! Love it!

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