Fake Movie Friday: KGBee: The Sting Operation

Colm comes through again with what I think is his best title yet. It got pretty punny in our gchat conversation today and with that I bring you:

KGBees: The Sting Operation

The Hive, KGBee headquarters, 0600 hours. Queen Bee, known as Q, has called in her best agent, John Carpenter, to take on what could be the most deadly case of his career. With information from the CIAnts about a new plot to take over the world by the Termiban, who has been working with rogue anti-nationalists M.A.N.T.I.S (The Malevolent, Anarchistic, Nihilistic Truants of Insect Society), led by Maximilien Robeespierre, to infiltrate the Republic of Insectica and bring it to it’s knees with biological weaponry; germ warfare.

As we take a look around the world we see green all over, this no industrial or human environment. The planet is covered by jungles, forests, tundras, deserts and water. Animals and insects have their own societies, teaching their young in schools or sorts, trading with other species, and yes policing the territory or, in some cases, the world.

John’s mission, should bee choose to accept it, is to become part of M.A.N.T.I.S. and stop them from finishing their bio weaponry and save all of insect life as they know it. He is, however, too much of a classic James Bond agent type to be taken seriously as a rebel, so there is a whole make over montage that they do to make him look bad, then they have to put him through a sort of Clockwork Orange situation to make him watch hours of footage. It’s humorous.

Once prepped he heads to the M.A.N.T.I.S. hide out, The Hornet’s Nest, and is immediately thought to be an outsider. However one bee, Honey, stops the mob from killing him and he instantly falls for her. She speaks with a faux Russian accent. Since she is giving him a chance all of the other insects there do too. She also happens to be going out with a high ranking officer in the group, Hirobeeto.

John, Honey and a bunch rebels, spy-ders and the IRA (Independent Roach Army), take to the air and land to start causing hysteria around the world. John starts to earn the trust of most of the other insects and they start to let him in on their secrets. There are multiple plots against Insectica and John starts feeding information to HQ, allowing for minimal consequences in the long run. As things start to ramp up John is let into the more diabolical plots and he is taken to the labs where the scientists have been working tirelessly developing their toxin. John sees an old can of RAID and the insects trying to recreate the poison. They have been getting closer and have myriad larva that are there to be tested on. John sees the most recent version of the toxin in action and watches it wipe out the bugs in an instant.

John calls back to The Hive to let them know what’s happening and they devise a plan to take out the labs. On the day the siege is supposed to take place John is ready to call in the troops when Honey starts an attack of her own with the FBeeI. The toxin is destroyed but she is captured and held as a prisoner all while John is still undercover. Q tells John to stay undercover, do not compromise his identity by getting Honey out, and see what happens. As John starts to devise a plan against Q’s wishes to lead Honey out John is let into the bigger plan. He meets with Robeespierre and Hirobeeto to talk about what happens next. They take him to an overgrown island in the middle of nowhere in Insectica. As they traverse the overgrowth it is very obviously the dilapidated ruins of New York City where there are buildings knocked over, garbage rotting everywhere, and the carcasses of animals line the streets. The fly to Madison Square Garden and inside there is a group of humans living. Robeespierre says that humans were the ultimate germ that brought the insect and animal world to almost extinction before and that they will be able to do it again. He and Hirobeeto laugh maniacally, John is horrified.




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  1. peter says:

    Every single name in this is absolute genius. Continue it now!

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