Fake Movie Friday: Bright Sunshine and The Well Lit Room

Colm tried to give me a very happy title of a movie, which I enjoy. Here we go!

Bright Sunshine and The Well Lit Room

Dan is a shut in. He’s a germaphobe and keeps his room incredibly clean. His whole room is encased in plastic, he lives like the boy in the bubble but he never leaves his room for anything. He orders all of the food he needs online as well as everything else that he needs.

Dan is a computer programmer and doesn’t need to leave the house anyway, because computer programmers don’t have to leave their dark corners ever. It’s better that way. He’s not anti social, or socially awkward, he can hold conversations and has phone meetings throughout the days. He’s very well adjusted, but he won’t leave his room.

After ordering groceries one day, Dan is waiting for the grocery delivery person to show up when he starts hearing a weird noise in his room. He searches everywhere but is unable to find it. When the delivery person gets there he first asks them if they hear the noise before looking up and seeing it is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, Andrea. She doesn’t hear anything and Dan plays it off like nothing happened. They chat a bit, she leaves and he starts to look for the noise again.

The next day Dan decides to order more groceries. Andrea comes back and they have a chat, Andrea is pretty OCD and Dan notices her not stepping on any cracks as she comes to deliver the package. Dan invites her over for dinner sometime but she says she doesn’t think she can go out with customers but has had a really nice time talking with Dan.

Heartbroken Dan proceeds to look for the noise that he has been looking for but with no luck. In the middle of the night Dan is awoken from sleep. It’s Andrea and she has a gun with blood all over it. She pleads with Dan to let her in so she can wash up. Against his better judgement Dan lets her in. She tells her story about how she is a grocery delivery girl / hit-woman for the mob. Sometimes she will get very specific orders which are actually marks. She tells him how tonights went bad, she was being set up, it was a trap and there were cops all over the place. She went to the mobs house who set her up and killed them all and now the cops are after her for that. Dan is known as the shut in and as such people usually don’t come knocking on his door so he lets her stay.

The cops come by and Dan tells them that there’s no one there. They believe him because of his reputation as the shut in and germaphobe. Dan and Andrea get to know each other and Andrea starts to fall for Dan as he has fallen for her. Dan finally gets to make her dinner and they have a grand old time. Dan is still searching for this noise he’s been hearing which Andrea doesn’t hear at all.

Dan and Andrea have been able to spend a lot of time together and Andrea also hasn’t left the apartment in a few weeks. Andrea begins to worry about Dan because of the noise. She convinces him to see a doctor, but the doctor has to come to him. After doing some tests and a few weeks of waiting the doctor tells Dan that he has a degenerative cell disease that is passed down over generations. It doesn’t always come to the surface but he needs to do more testing. Dan fights leaving the room but after a while he finally agrees. After more tests it is determined he has 3 months left to live.

Dan goes back to the room to tell Andrea what has happened. He wants to go out and live life now that he only has a little bit of time left and wants Andrea to come with him, except she is still fleeing the law and cannot be seen outside. So Dan for the next few months decides to take it upon himself to do all of the things he never did. Go grocery shopping, the movies, etc. Dan passes away after only 2 months, having lived life those 2 months to the fullest. The unexpected death takes Andrea by surprise. She hasn’t left the apartment in months. She doesn’t go to the wake, or the funeral she just stays in side when she suddenly starts to hear a weird noise. She searches everywhere but is unable to find it.


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