Fake Movie Friday: Trip Van Winkle

So, I did the Hobbit at midnight last night. Took the day out of work, and told myself around 3 that meant I could work on my FMF and get it out early. Then I fell asleep until 630. So here it is late!

Trip Van Winkle

We open in a 50s high school, where our main character Trip attends. He’s a cool kid. He’s got a cool car. He dates a hot girl. He doesn’t care much about grades, so on and so forth. He plays a prank on a nerdy kid one day and the nerdy kid says he’ll teach him a lesson. Trip laughs it off and heads home.

Walking home he randomly takes a turn through the forest and it begins to rain. Trip runs into a cave and sits down. He becomes increasingly tired and falls asleep. He opens his eyes and gets up. He walks out of the forest and the world seems a bit different. He’s tired and doesn’t seem to notice but it is obviously 2012. He walks up to his house and tries his key. It doesn’t work.

A woman comes to the door he doesn’t recognize and he finds out other people live there. He is confused. He goes to his friend’s house and finds 60 years have past and his friend is a senior citizen. His friend sits him down and they talk about how everyone though Trip disappeared back in high school.

He finds most of his old friends in a senior citizen home. He feels bad for them and they are all depressed being old. They all tell Trip he was always such a jerk in high school, that they were nice to him out of fear of being excluded. Trip finds his bank account still open and his interest adding up to a good amount of money. He takes the senior versions of his old high school classmates out on the town and tries to show them a good time. A lot of stupid old people humor follows as they do young people stuff. Trip even shares a kiss with his old girlfriend.

Everyone starts to like Trip and he seems like a much better person. While driving them around on a bus he rented, one of the old people has a heart attack. Trip brings him to the hospital and sits with him. The old man wakes up and tells Trip he was the one that cursed him to sleep, but Trip learned his lesson and has bettered himself. Trip sits with him until they both fall asleep.

Trip wake up in the cave again, but it is still the 50s. He goes home and goes to school. He is much nicer to everyone, tells his girlfriend he loves her, and sticks up for the nerdy kid.

The End.