Fake Movie Friday: Cauliflower Revisited

So I was wrong, this is only #51 so next week marks one year of Fake Movie Fridays. This title comes from Brian Fitzpatrick, a simple man if not bland gentleman. Well at least I think this is what he said. Wow, this turned out long.

Cauliflower Revisited

Movie opens on a child on a bus staring over a seat. His mother pulls him down and tells him to stop staring. He sits back as the camera pans over the seat and past a cauliflower eared man. The woman apologizes for her son and says, “Wait aren’t you William? Tom and Cindy’s kid? I was real sorry to hear.” William simply nods and turns toward the window.

William gets to his old house. We see pictures of his parents, him and his younger brother. There are a lot of things in boxes around the house. He enters the living room and sees his uncle packing things away. We learn his parents recently died in a car accident. William hasn’t been in town in years. He asks about his brother Tommy and his uncle said he’s followed William down the same road.

William heads into town and enters a pool hall. He goes to the bar and a large man who was sitting at the bar starts giving him shit. The bartender walks up and warns the man to back off, he doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Bartender greets William as Cauliflower and at that moment the guy realizes his mistake. He apologizes and offers to buy William a drink. William ignores him and asks after Tommy.

A door in the back opens and out walks a man with Tommy and others in tow. The man is shocked to see William and also refers to him as Cauliflower. William ignores him and tries to get Tommy to come with him. Tommy is hesitant and looks towards the man, JJ, for guidance. JJ explains that just because William couldn’t handle the life anymore and left doesn’t mean Tommy has to go. A fight ensues and William beats up a ton of people. They start to surround him and Tommy yells fir them to stop. They leave together.

Outside a cop car meets them. The cop, Carl, says hello to Tommy and refers to William by his nickname. The two used to be friends before William got into JJ’s crew and Carl joined the force. Carl says he was sorry to hear about there folks and that he’s glad to see William again. William says he was just there to get Tommy and help pack up their folks place. Carl is relieved he isn’t entering that life again.

Back at home the two brothers argue about Tommy running with JJ’s crew. Tommy yells about how there was nothing for him when William skipped town. The two argue until a pregnant woman yells from behind them. William turns to find Kelly, his ex staring at him. He is shocked as she goes over and kisses Tommy. William had no idea they were together and pregnant. Tommy leaves and William and Kelly have a conversation about how he left them all. He tries to say he is sorry but she doesn’t care. Tommy and her don’t need her. He leaves.

The next day William heads to town but finds a crowd. He pushes way into them and finds they are standing around a dead cop, Carl. He hears people muttering that Tommy did it. (LETS WRAP THIS UP SHALL WE) William tracks down JJ and his crew and beats the shit out of them all, in the rain or something dramatic. He takes Tommy to turn himself in and we time jump to William and Kelly living together raising Tommy’s child (not sexually) and going to visit Tommy in prison.