Fake Movie Friday Retrospective: Peter

Hi Friends! As I’m sure you heard this Friday marks the 52nd Fake Movie Friday, thus completing one year. I’m going to take a day from each week to celebrate this year. First up is Peter! You know, me. Let’s take a look. This is your chance to read through some old ones and pretend you were there the whole time.

Here’s where it all started

Last Bouquet
A heartwarming romantic comedy about a girl who wants a husband. You know, a romantic comedy.

A Thousand Monkeys
This is one of my favorites. It’s about a guy who gets a job cleaning a laboratory where monkeys write novels.

Burger Time
I wrote a film adaptation of the old nintendo game.

Here is my prequel to the Pitch Black universe I wrote after Prometheus sucked

Little Sister
I was looking through my list of movies and this one jumped out at me. I think its my best horror film.

Finally what would this list be without the William Taft Trilogy. I’m so strangely proud of these.
William Taft Demon Slayer
Children of Taft
Legacy of Taft

I’ll be back tomorrow to share the best of Tigs!