Fake Movie Friday Retrospective: Tigs

Fake Movie Friday Week continues with a look back on the work of the debatably brilliant: John Tiglias. Many people who have read his work have called him crazy. Others haven’t read his work.

Juror #7
Tigs had been carrying this idea around for a few years actually. What happens if you frame someone for a crime you committed and were then appointed on the jury to convict him? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

Pill Poppin Walkers
Tigs writes two types of movies. One in which the main character turns out to be multiple people or turn into someone. Or one where everyone abruptly dies. It works every time. Here is one where everyone dies.

KGBEE: The Sting Operation
This movie is so adorable and filled with non-obnoxious puns. If I enjoyed puns, you know it’s good.

Hackers 2: Hack the Planet
A sequel to the cult classic (?) Hackers where you can so vividly picture each and every scene. It’s really fantastic if you remember the original film. It is probably unreadable if you don’t.

Where’s Waldo
Read this. It has the most brilliant ending of any Fake Movie Friday out there.