Fake Movie Friday: Kentucky Time Wedding

I’m going to be honest here, I can’t exactly remember the name of the fake movie title I received as a suggestion at the show last night. I think this is it, but I’m not totally sure. I’m pretty sure Kentucky was in the title. And Wedding. Thanks to improv troupe Florence for the suggestion and sorry that I got drunk and forgot it. This a 52nd consecutive FMF for both Pete and myself… 1 year strong … Congrats Pete. Here’s to 52 weeks of terrible ideas, worse movies, great titles and no proof reading!

Kentucky Time Wedding

1980’s. Jacob owns a watch shop in Horse Cave, Kentucky. It’s been in his family for generations, owned by his father before him, his fathers father before that and his fathers fathers father before that. Kentucky Time is the name of the shop. Jacob had to take over working at the shop after his father passed and supports his mother. He spends almost all of his time at the shop and hasn’t had a girlfriend in years, since his fiance, Emily, died in a horrible auto accident that also took his fathers life.

Jacob is well known around town even though he has little time for himself or to socialize. People will come to his shop to talk to him about his father, his lineage, watches, the Wild Cats, etc. The folks in the town adore his mother as well and she is much more of a socialite than he is. She attends galas, parties, box socials, bridge clubs, rummy clubs… she keeps herself busy.

On a bright sunny day a new girl, Madison, and her elderly father, Reginald, walk into town and head to the store. Jacob is instantly taken with her and has a kinship with her father. They talk for hours, as we can see on the many clocks of the store, but it seems like nothing to them. Jacob invites them back to his house and introduces them to his mother. Reginald is taken with Jacobs mother as Jacob and Madison sit and talk while Madison plays the piano for Jacob. Madison plays songs that Alicia Keys and Adele songs, which since it is the 80’s no one knows. Jacob asks if she wrote them and she tells him she’s heard them somewhere before.

As time goes on all of them become closer to one another, but Reginald and Madison will disappear from time to time. Jacob has gotten incredibly closer to Madison and the two have been going out for a while now, with Jacob deciding he wants to ask her to marry him. His mother approves and even though it’s been a short time, they both feel like it’s the right thing to do. Jacob goes looking for them and sees them outside of the clock shop before it’s opened. There is a shimmering coming from all around it and the shop looks brand new. He doesn’t know what to make of what he is seeing. He enters the shop, which he can’t understand how it’s unlocked, and looks for the two of them, who seem to have disappeared again. The clocks in the shop look totally different and more modern-day than the ones in the shop before. Madison see’s him and runs at him, screams out his name, covers his eyes and then when she removes her hand they are back in the normal shop. Jacob can’t understand what happened.

He begs her to tell him what happened, but she says he can’t understand. He wants to know where he was and she insists that he was at the same clock shop as he always has been but he is more than a little wary about this. He tries to explain to his mother what happened but she thinks he’s crazy, making up things to sabotage the relationship.

Jacob tells Madison he can’t see her anymore and tells her that she seems to have too many secrets. Madison tells him to close his eyes and when he opens them again they are back in the modern clock shop. She tells him to follow her carefully. She shows him his father, working at the shop as a very old man all alone. At which point Emily comes by, Jacob screams out her name but in a blinding flash they are back in the old clock shop.

Jacob says he needs answers to what happened. And Madison is reluctant but tells him that she comes from another dimension, a parallel universe. In her universe his mother was the one killed in an auto accident while pregnant with him. Madison is actually Emily, but was named differently in her reality, and was born later. The car crash was a much bigger event in the town, something that rippled throughout and stopped the events of what would have happened otherwise. Jacobs father in that reality became increasingly belligerent and an alcoholic over time and eventually killed himself. She explains that she and Emily both have the ability to switch dimensions and had been able to talk to one another. They see themselves as inter-dimensional twins. Anyway, Emily brought Jacobs father into the other dimension in order to save himself from himself. She explained to his father what happened and he, with the knowledge of what would become of himself in another reality and that his son and wife can still lead a happy existence in his reality, decided to switch places with Reginald, and Emily with Madison because non dimensional shifting beings cannot exist outside of their own dimension without a travler from their own to aid them.

Jacob doesn’t believe this at first, but eventually does (making this FMF about 3 paragraphs shorter). They have a wedding and both Jacob’s father and Emily are watching though a rift.


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