Fake Movie Friday: Cereal Killer

This weeks movie I was trying to do something clever, but ended up not. Toucan was supposed to be both the detective and killer but  anyway, without further ado:

Cereal Killer

Toucan Sam get’s a call at 9 in the morning. There’s been a triple homicide. He arrives at the scene to find Snap, Crackle and Pop brutally murdered. The rest of the officers are all humans, and he is just walking around doing his job. He inspects the area but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence left behind.

He heads back to the office to start his write up, and in the middle of him finishing the paper work he receives another call. The Yummy Mummy was found hanging from a lamp-post outside of his condo. Sam heads over and starts to inspect. He finds a Cap’n Crunch whistle on the ground and decides it’s time to visit the Cap.

He arrives at the house boat to find the door wide open. It smells like fish, there is chum and guts on the ground. Sam creeps into the house boat to find the Cap’n dead, his face in a bowl of cereal, it appears that he had choked on his own cereal but a little bit more digging and Sam finds a note that just says, “this is only the beginning.” He decides to clean up a little bit before he leaves.

Sam decides to head down into the lowest level of the General Mills jail, passing Cookie Crook, Dr Hypnosis, Waldo the Wizard, Cracko and Crazy Craving on his walk. He arrives at a cell, the inmate bound in a straight jacket with a mask over his face. It’s Fruit Brute who has been held captive for years. Sam talks to Brute about what he thinks of this and why this would be happening. Brute tells Sam that if it was up to him, the Trix Rabbit would be next.

Sam finds Trix in his hole and tells him whats happening. To be safe. Sam offers Trix a safe place to stay but Trix declines. Sam decides to start finding the rest of the cereal characters to make sure they are all safe.

He goes to the swamp to find the Smacks Dig ‘Em Frog, and he finds him, wasted off his ass, needle still in his arm, half dead but not fully dead like the rest. Sam waits there for Dig ‘Em to wake up. Sam and the frog have a heart to heart. The frog tells Sam if the killer comes for him, he’s ready to go, that there is nothing left for him in this world. Sam tells the frog to stop feeling sorry for himself, clean up and get back out there. He’s become a shed skin of the frog he once was.

On his way back to the office Sam gets another call. Sugar Bear has gone crazy and is on the roof of his building threatening to jump. Sam arrives and tries to defuse the situation. The Bear says he knows what has been going on. He’s heard his friends have died and that there may be a cereal killer on the loose. Sam tries to calm him down but the bear is having none of it. There is a team of cops going up to try and bring him down, when they open the door to the roof the Bear is startled, slips on the ledge and comes crashing down to the ground.

Sam talks to Fruit Brute again who tells Sam maybe he’s looking too hard for a killer and maybe was just their time, time for someone else to take over as had been done so many times before. Sam asks him what he means and the Brute tells him its a mad world, mascot against mascot. Sam refuses to go down that path and tells the Brute he’s crazy, and that cereal celebrities watch out for their own. The Brute tells him, “There’s milk on your hands too, you know. You just don’t want to admit it.”

The next day Sam heads back to tell Dig ‘Em what happened, but he’s too late. There is a lucky rabbits foot in his hand. Sam heads to Trix’s place to find the rabbit missing, and an obvious struggle had taken place. There is milk all over the floor. The trail leads to a different hole, Sam heads down and finds the Trix rabbit fighting with what appears to be Sam. The real Sam fires a shot in the air, it startles them and Sam moves in, there fight continues and the fake Sam is revealed to be Sonny the Cocoa Bird. He’s arrested and Sam heads back to the Brute.

“It’s over Brute, we found Sonny.” “Over? Didn’t you get my note, this is only the beginning…”

The END.

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