Fake Movie Friday: Rosie Bloom

So I sat down to write this and the trailer for that dumb looking movie ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ popped into my head. I said to myself I could crank out a piece of crap magic family movie like that. Turns out I can. I present-

Rosie Bloom

Movie opens on elementary school field. Kids are running around for gym class playing soccer. The ball is kicked over the goal and rolls to a young girl sitting at the edge of the woods. Her name is Poem and she is alone drawing in a notebook. She is new in town and has no friends. The other kids make fun of her, especially over her very stupid name and art fascination.

Later at home we find out her mother was very free spirited, thus the name, but she died last year. Her father is still dealing with the grief and they moved for his job. He is very straight laced and busy. He doesn’t know how to talk to his daughter. That evening Poem is sitting in the window watching the rain. She is drawing a picture of her mom. She looks at a rainbow and makes a wish-

“I wish I was… I wish dad would… I wish mom…. I wish everything was different”

She turns away and we see the rainbow magically recede down to the ground. The next morning Poem is out walking through the woods and a young girl drops down out of a tree. The girl has curly red hair, a bright green/blue/yellow dress, violet and orange shoes, and a rainbow hat.

“Hi I’m Rosie Bloom! What’s your name?”
“Um… Poem”

Rosies’ eyes light up and she laughs. Poem turns to walk away before Rosie somehow pops up in front of her and shouts, “That’s my favorite name ever!” Rosie compliments the drawings in Poem’s notebook and she drags Poem along on an adventure. Trees seem to dance with Rosie. Animals come out and play with her. It’s retardedly magical. Rosie gets Poem to paint a huge mural near the school, which gets everyone to be nice to her. They decorate her house and take her dad on a picnic.

Rosie brings the two of them closer together and they have a heartfelt moment when he finds all of the pictures Poem has drawn of her mother. Poem explains it helps her remember her face. When she starts to forget she draws another picture. For no real reason this scene is going to try so hard to make you cry. Her dad gets his guitar to play her a song, saying he hasn’t played since her mother died. He’s been so wrapped up with work that he should be paying more attention to her.

Poem’s dad plans to take the two of them on a hike, but the next day she can’t find Rosie. The two of them go off alone and it starts to rain. Her dad runs to go get the car and Rosie shows up as the rain begins to let up. Rosie explains that Poem doesn’t need her anymore and that the sun is coming out. The two hug and Poem thanks her.

She takes off her rainbow hat and a great bright rainbow shoots out into the sky and she is gone. Her dad gets back-

“Everything ok sweety?”
“Everything is wonderful”

As they drive away

“Poem, look at the rainbow. Isn’t it pretty?”
“It’s the most perfect rainbow ever.”



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  1. johnnytigs says:

    This is the children’s movie I want Terry Gilliam to make! NOW! HEAR ME TERRY!?!?!

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