Fake Movie Friday: Cobweb Blvd

Hey friends. Work->dinner->Scatterbomb (a good one!)-> Fake Movie Friday. It’s one of those sad indie ensemble pieces with little closure. Title courtesy of a member of Glitterface that performed at Pig Pile last night.

Cobweb Blvd

Jimmy steps off the bus and throws his bag over his shoulder. He sighs and looks around to find his father behind the wheel honking to get his attention. The two talk in the car about Jimmy’s life in the city and how his new job is going. He is thankful that Jimmy could come home for his mother’s birthday. Jimmy says no problem because a lot of other people are actually back in town, that they will be hanging out on Cob Blvd like old times. “Stacey will be around too” says his dad. Jimmy just shakes off the comment.

We cut to Jimmy visiting with his mother, who is bed ridden with some unnamed condition. They chat and she mentions Stacey is back around and he groans at her as we hear his dad yell, from the other room, that he already told him. Jimmy heads upstairs to his old room and rummages around picking up an old prom photo of him and Stacey. Out the window he sees a cab pull up to the house next door and a beautiful girl exits, it is Stacey. He turns out the other window and we see it faces a girl’s room.

His dad stands at the door and catches him watching. He walks over to Jimmy and picks up a marker board. He talks about how him and Stacey, since they were kids were best friends. They would write messages to each other even though they spent all day together. Jimmy tries to ignore him and his dad says that the whole neighborhood was happy when they got together, how it was meant to be. Jimmy replies, “Apparently not.”

Later that night he heads out to the center of town and stops at the street sign for the Blvd. Someone has vandalized the sign to read “Cobweb Blvd.” He heads into a bar and is greeted by a few people: his old friend Tyler and wife Kristen who’s new baby at home with a grandparent, Kelly who is lives in the same city that Jimmy does though they don’t hang out, and their buddy Eric who is home from the army.

The group reminisces and laughs. They drink and play old songs on the jukebox and sing obnoxiously. Eric keeps going to the bathroom. Tyler and Kristen won’t stop trying to share baby pictures. Kelly is a bit standoffish to Jimmy. They talk about how busy they are but should really hang out back “home.” She then mentions that Stacey is coming soon. Everyone goes silent.
She arrives and it is a bit strange. She moved to Europe for work after college. Tyler and Kristen say they need to go home for the baby, who everyone just HAS to meet at some point. Eric makes a strange comment. They ignore it as Eric again goes to the bathroom. Kelly announces that she is sorry but has to go get her sister from the airport.

Jimmy and Stacey get weird sitting alone but then someone grabs her shoulder. Brett was once the quarterback of the high school football team but clearly isn’t doing to well. He hits on Stacey who brushes him off and Jimmy tries to step in. Brett says he didn’t think he would care since Stacey left him after he proposed and ran away to Europe. He pushes Jimmy to the ground. Eric runs up and just destroys Brett. Jimmy pulls him off and as they get him out of the bar he breaks down. A bottle of pills pops out of his pocket. He was sneaking off to the bathroom to take them all night. He’s out of his mind and says war has ruined him.

Stacey and Jimmy take him home and things get more awkward. He suggests they go see Tyler’s baby. They pull up to the house but can see in the window the couple fighting. They are just screaming at each other. She throws things at him as he punches a wall. They can actually hear the baby from their car crying.

He drives them home and she says something about not wanting to end up like that and Jimmy snaps. He brings up all their old shit about her running away. They fight and fight. She says she wasn’t ready and he shouldn’t have pressured him. He says his entire life was building up for her. She screams about how unfair that is. They fight some more and she starts to cry. He hugs her and they pause for a moment looking at each other. He kisses her. She kisses him back for a moment before shoving him away. Slaps him and walks inside.

He goes to his house and passes by his mother’s room. She calls to him as he says she should be asleep. She laughs and tells him to sit down. She makes a joking comment about being old and he says she looks great. She gives a huge speech along the lines of

“Everything gets old son. Some things sit and collect dust, some rust, others shrivel up. There are a few things that just get better, like a fine wine, or a mother’s love for her son. Those few special things stay strong and beautiful. Those things that fade weren’t all necessarily bad, they just weren’t worth eternity. You know spiders pick very carefully were to spin their webs. They pick somewhere that isn’t alive, that won’t be disturbed by anything that isn’t going to be trapped to die. You see cobwebs, son, you head in the other direction.”

He kisses her goodnight and heads upstairs. Picks up the marker board and writes “I’m sorry.” Lays down shuts off the light

The End