Fake Movie Friday: Con-Kid

CRAP. I completely forgot it was Friday. So lets shit something out shall we? Taking the genius method of the Artist Currently Known as Tigs and using a random word generator. I got, BURGLER and SCHOOLCHILD. So this is a bit of a rip off of the 2004 film ‘Catch that Kid.’ The title is not to be confused with some kid version of ‘Con-Air.’


We meet our main character Mike, as he rides his bike back from school. He’s around 12. A group of older kids push him down and try to take his bike. A homeless looking man stops them. He says good luck and calls Mike by his name as he rides away, which is ignored by Mike.

Upon returning home he finds his mother in the kitchen not looking so well. He asks her but she doges the question. She notices scrapes from his recent attack but he also dodges. Later that night after she finds his bike messed up, she pushes the issue. He tells about the attack and how he can’t defend himself. He makes mention of his father who she says is dead, and that she is trying her best.

Mike wakes up the next morning and his mother collapses at breakfast. In the hospital we learn she will need an extremely expensive procedure, which they don’t have the money for. Mike notices the homeless man again around his mother’s room. He chases him down and corners him. The man is not homeless but only in a disguise. He tells Mike he is really his father. He is a thief/conman who agreed to leave the family to not drag Mike into his life.

Mike says too bad and pressures his Dad into helping him get the money to help pay for his mother’s surgery.

I can’t be expected to create elaborate con schemes here, but let’s say they dress up in fun disguises and scheme a rich man out of diamonds.

After the final scheme Mike’s dad doesn’t show up at the rendezvous with the diamonds. Mike is confused and angry at his father for tricking him. The cops arrest him on suspicion of theft. They have no evidence with the diamonds missing, so they have to let him go. He goes to the hospital to see his mom who he finds is going into surgery, that someone claiming to be his uncle paid for it.

Mike not having an uncle figures out it was his dad. We cut to his mom coming home from the hospital and Mike getting into bed. Under his pillow he finds a stack of money and a note from his dad
-I’ll be around.

The End


One thought on “Fake Movie Friday: Con-Kid

  1. johnnytigs says:

    1) You had me at “Tigs”
    2) I liked the second, third and fifth schemes the best. The mime and the jock? Classic.
    3) Creepiest note ever?
    5) Excellent work as always Pete.

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