Fake Movie Friday: Good Morning, Delilah

I can’t think of anything witty to say here (arguably I never have) so let’s just jump into this movie!

Good Morning, Delilah

We open on a middle-aged house wife, Delilah, straightening up, cleaning, cooking, and such. Her husband comes home and they have dinner and chat about their day. It is obvious that Delilah is a bit immature. They seem to have a relatively normal life and relationship until one day Delilah starts to hear thing and see shadows outside, shadows that tower over the house but there doesn’t seem to be anything causing the shadows.

The sun will be completely blocked, but only over her house, which she never leaves. The basement floods when it’s not raining, the windows swing erratically when there is no wind, and it only seems to be happening to her. One night there is a very odd beeping sound, she looks around but cannot find anything. Everything goes quiet. Then a very loud explosive crashing noise, there are multiple shadows outside the house with very little light passing through. Shapes can be made out of the shadows, they appear to have human qualities to them, but everything is over pronounced and with claws and stuff. Delilah starts to run through the house looking for a place to hide, so she crawls under the bed.

She is then dragged out from under the bed, fighting the whole way but she is unable to escape from whatever is grabbing her. We see a 12 year old girl, Delilah, playing with her doll house and pulling her favorite doll from under a bed. Delilah is very sick and doesn’t leave the house at all. She is mostly confined to bed rest with some rare disease that is eating away at her spine. A doctor comes to visit Delilah, to check up on her. She jumps back into her bed and pretends like she had been there the whole time.

We see Delilah drawing all sorts of pictures, monsters, knights, dragons, princesses, red and blue mages, lots of fantastical creatures and beings. Her father comes in and admires all of the paintings and drawings. They sit together and they paint together. He plays with her but there is a big crash outside of her room somewhere and he goes to check it out. We see a shadow walk past Delilah’s window, drowning out all of the light. Delilah freezes with fear when it happens. At night Delilah cannot sleep, all she can hear are voices around her. Some that are totally non sensical and some that seem to be keeping order. She tosses and turns all night in an empty room.

The doctor comes back to see her as she is under her covers in bed. They have a discussion about the monsters outside, he does some tests and leaves. Delilah watches from the top of the stairs as he has a discussion with Delilah’s parents and says that she is doing much better and that she should be able to lead a normal life soon. Delilah heads back to her room and continues to play when the voices she heard before start to get louder, there is a faint beeping, shadows are surrounding the house and crashing against the window. Delilah screams and jumps under her bed.

We see a hand reached out to her under the bed and she grabs the hand. We see a 20/30 something Delilah playing with her daughter. Her daughter isn’t into fantasy stuff like Delilah was, and she has collages of bands and movies around her room. They head downstairs and have breakfast. Delilah drops her daughter off at school and heads to work, she’s a writer or children’s books and she is due at a book store nearby. She is doing a book singing followed by a reading to children. She has a smile on her face the whole time as though this is exactly where she wants to be. We see images that she had drawn earlier making it into her latest children’s book.

We see her sitting in a chair reading to the children who are all circled around her, laughing and very interested.  Suddenly the whole store goes dark, shadows over taking everything, we see her freak out, cover her ears and get on the ground. Everyone in the store acts as though nothing is happening. We hear the beeping sound grow louder and louder until it finally become a solid tone, we head the explosive sound much louder. Delilah screams as she curls up on the floor.

We see an elderly woman in emergency care, machines hooked up to her, tubes feeding her, using the defibrillator to try and resuscitate her.  We hear the beeping of the heart rate monitor to let us know she is alive. They clean up a bit and leave. We see that Delilah is on the door to her room. She is in an dementia ward of a nursing home with other patients. She is confined to bed, unable to move except for her eyes. We see pictures from her book on the wall, as well as collages and pictures of her and her family, daughters, husband, grand children and great grand children. There is a closing shot of her laying in the bed hearing nothing but all of the different machines she is hooked up to keeping her alive as we fade to black.


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