Fake Movie Friday: Empty Glasses

I totally forgot to write one earlier today. I had no luck coming up with a title on my own so I asked Lisa who might have been drinking at the time and gave me:

Empty Glasses

Ben and Eric are two hot shot brokers who have lasted through the bubble bursting by rejecting everyone else, living for themselves and leaving behind a trail of bodies… figuratively speaking. They both drive expensive cars and are out all night partying still, somehow, and making it into work closing deals and what not. There are scenes of them out late all night always with different women, at clubs, bars, shindigs, parties with lots of celebrities at them, yachts, etc.

One morning Eric is in bed with another random women when there is a knock at his door. A woman starts screaming from the other side and the knocking gets louder. Eric shouts and tells the woman he’s in bed with his wife has just come home. The woman is furious and starts screaming, Eric pleads with her to leave as the knocking and shouting from his wife increases. The woman says she’s going to confront his wife when the cocking of a shotgun is heard from the other side of the door. The woman, grabs her stuff and runs out through a window. Eric looks to make sure she’s gone and then opens the door revealing Ben on the other side.

“How did you get rid of yours this morning?” Eric asks.

“I had a few pals from the precinct drop by,” Ben says as he chuckles.

They drive to work in a hummer or something equally ridiculous and head up to their office where everything is being collected by the FBI. Eric starts to flip out and is detained. The feds tell them that they have been under investigation for a long time, and that they have been sending in agents to pose as clients. Ben says they’re clean and they don’t have anything on them. The FBI man tells Ben maybe he should ask his partner (Eric, that’s confusingly written) about it.

When Eric is released and Ben confronts him Eric denies any criminal involvement with anything. Their funds are all frozen, they can’t go out living the life they used to, and are under constant watch by the FBI. Their days become exceedingly boring as, instead of drinking themselves to oblivion on in the world, they are now just doing it together. They barely ever say any words to one another.

Eric and Ben are both woken up one morning to a loud banging at the door and a woman screaming. Ben opens the door and the woman is asking for Eric, a different woman from earlier in the film. She tells Eric that he has a son. Eric asks how she found him and she says that the he has been all over the news that morning with the scandal about aiding and assisting known terrorist groups. Ben flips out and asks him if its true, Eric confirms everything. He tells Ben that he got in way over his head, ended up losing millions and owing to criminals and started to take on “big risk clients.” Ben flips out again screaming at Eric, who is remaining very calm about everything. When Ben confronts him about that, Eric tells Ben he’s higher up in the command than he could every believe. At which point the ceiling and windows come crashing in, all around them, but they’re left unharmed. It is some sort of rogue team sent in to get them. The women pulls out a gun and shoots the feds coming up to get them.

They all rush into some vans, Ben trying to stay behind but he’s knocked out and dragged along. There’s a whole car chase, lots of explosions, the convoy has crazy artillery  and are even able to take down the tanks that come to get them. They head out to some remote landing strip with a helipad. They get on a helicopter and take off, wreaking havoc as they leave. Ben wakes up and asks whats going on, Eric says not to worry and that they’ll be home soon, at which point the helicopter is shot out of the air spinning quickly towards its decent, which is slowed down by it crashing into its surroundings.

Ben and Eric survive the crash, Ben is pulling Eric up telling him to stand. They run away from the helicopter as it explodes. As Eric starts to run away but Ben stops him saying he has to pay for what he’s done. Eric tells Ben if he’s not coming with him then he has to die because he knows to much. There is an elaborate fight and Ben ends up knocking Eric out cold. A squad of soldiers followed by FBI cars, police cruisers, etc come rolling in out of the distance. When the soliders get to Ben they salute him and address him as sergeant. The FBI take Eric away and Ben asks if anyone wants to go out for a drink.


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  1. lisa says:

    i gave you others and you said you already started! i take no responsibility for my drunk suggestions. also, nice job.

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