Fake Movie Friday: The Negro in the Cupboard

So I was challenged to do this. I don’t back down. So here it is, my unofficially sequel to ‘The Indian in the Cupboard.’ Mike Stevens, I hope you are happy.

The Negro in the Cupboard

Movie opens with our main character Jaden in a car being driven by his mother down a dirt road to a small ranch house. She is talking about how he’ll love living in Arkansas with his grandmother. Jaden is silent and his mom says she understands he’ll miss the city.

Jaden is moving his things into his new room. He opens the closet and finds a small cupboard. He tries to get it open but it is locked. He forgets about it and continues putting things away. Under the bed he finds an old figure of a slave. He mutters something about racist southerners and puts the figure by the cupboard in the corner of his room.

The next day is his first day at school and he realizes he is the only black kid. It is an awkward day. The basketball and track coaches wanting him to join the team approach him. The other kids ignore him and he doesn’t make friends.

He heads home upset and falls onto the bed roughly. He hears a metallic sounds and upon investigating he finds a key that had fallen out from the bottom of the bed. He investigates it and tries the cupboard it opens but is empty. He looks at the slave figure and tosses it inside. He turns to walk way but hears faint singing. He opens the cupboard to find the figure has come to life and is singing ‘Wade in the Water.’

The slave looks up and they both yell. They calm down and Jed tells him about his life as a slave. Jaden starts to tell him about his trouble and Jed tells him that he has it good. They talk some more and Jaden feels better.

He brings Jed to school with him. Jed helps him get back at some of the racist students. He even secretly enters Jaden in the running for class president. The school is shocked since they never had a black president. Jed coaches him through the election and he wins!

Jaden gives a passionate speech about racism and the school is left stunned until a slow clap starts. Jed is standing on the podium where the crowd can’t see him and he looks up at Jaden with pride.

At home Jaden and Jed say goodbye. Jed needs to return to his life, as horrible as it may be. Jaden puts him back into the cupboard and after opening it up only finds the lifeless figurine. He heads out happy, returning to school to make the town a better place.