Fake Movie Friday – Gone

Jodie Foster hasn’t lost her kids in a while, so that’s about to happen.


Jodie Foster stars as Lynn,  an uptight corporate business lady, who is about to negotiate the sale of Nakamura Industries to Future Forward Incorporated.  This will make FFI the most powerful tech company in the world.  Her boss, Lowell, played by Kevin Spacey is proud of her tenacity and says that she’ll take over the company someday and them into the future.  Lynn goes home proud of her accomplishments and just as she is about to settle down to have a glass of scotch, we hear “Mom!” and down the stairs runs her little autistic boy, James (he’s played by that kid on Parenthood).  Lynn is not really home a lot because she has a difficult time being a single mother to an autistic 12 year old, but she’s hired the BEST of help for him.  Loretta Devine plays James’ nanny, Charlotte.  Charlotte runs down the stairs after James as James asks Lynn if she’ll help him count the cars on the block (autistic kids do that right?).

Charlotte tries to explain to Lynn, that James has been growing restless lately,  running off outside of the house etc etc.  He’s getting to the point in life where he knows he’s different, and he needs his mother now more than ever.  Lynn, knows she should be around more and she promises that as soon as this merger goes through she’ll take a vacation, the three of them.  Charlotte says it needs to be just her and her son. Anyway the deal hits a snag, and takes longer to complete.  The Nakamura people want more money or something, so Lynn, getting fed up walks away from the negotiation table.  Ken Watanabe, stars as Mr. Nakamura.   He warns her that it is extremely impolite for a woman to walk away from a negotiation.  Bad things can happen.  Lynn asks if he’s threatening her, and he says no.  Just suggesting she stay where she is.  She leaves.

Upon getting home she calls out to James, deciding they are going to take the vacation anyway.  She doesn’t hear him anywhere, but in the closet she hears noise in his room.  Charlotte is in their tied up.  She says men came to get James.  They took him.  Lynn asks where like an idiot, but Charlotte doesn’t know.  At this point, we see something snap in Lynn.  She goes to her room and presses a button by her nightstand.  As it turns out she used to be Special Forces in the military, and has like all these knives and guns and shit.  It’s Jodie Foster tough girl mode.

She starts tracking the guys from evidence they left behind and she starts Taken style kicking all these masked guys asses.  When she unmasks one, he’s asian (i’m not saying what asian, for fear of being SUPER racist).  Lynn realizes that this goes deeper than just a kidnapping.  She goes to her mentor Washburn, played by John Hurt.  He trained her in the military, but also trained her in how to re-integrate into society or something.  Incase the audience didn’t figure it out yet, the bad guy is Mr. Nakamura.  Washburn’s job is to provide all the exposition as to why Nakamura is doing this.  None of the reasoning is really justifiable, but Lynn decides that if it costs her the job and the life she has, she’s going to kill Nakamura, thus ending the merger.

Lynn starts whoopin ass and then finally gets to Nakamura who has a gun to James’ head.  He mentions how he thought she’d get there sooner.  He says a bunch asian proverb-type stuff to let us know he’s not only old-school, but crazy, and then he says that she should have never walked away.   It would have never had to come to this.  She says that business is business.  He says that business and personal are one in the same, and when you insult one, you insult the other.  She says this between the two of them, leave James out of it.  He tosses James aside and says now what?  Lynn says that if she beats him hand to hand, then the deal goes down as she agreed, if not, he can have James and the deal goes down on his terms.  James screams “mom, no!” and Nakamura agrees.

They start fighting and Nakamura is destroying her,  but then she gets the upper hand in the last moment and has him pinned in some UFC style hold that could snap his neck.  Nakamura agrees to her terms of the merger, and Lynn says something really quippy at the end, but snaps his neck killing him.  Because he kidnapped her son, and was going to have his men kill her,  she gets off on self-defense, takes over the company, but immediately relinquishes the job, and takes all her millions of dollars and travels the world with her son, finally connecting with him, and training him to defend himself.  Doing this they really connect and they live happily ever after, until we see the shot of them training on the beach together, is really through binoculars, and it turns out the son of Mr. Nakamura has been following them.  We hear someone ask him, “Is it time yet, Nakamura-san?” and he replies, “No, but soon.”




Credits roll

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  1. Dunn says:

    You forgot the part where before she resigns she puts John Hurt in charge of the business (or it could be really condescending and have her put Loretta Devine in charge, saying how looking after a child is as hard as running a huge company). Can’t wait for the sequel.

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