Fake Movie Friday – The God Particle

I was originally trying to make a Prometheus type movie where the film really wanted to address a big sci-fi concept/question but was way too dumb to do anything smart with it. I actually think I came up with something pretty neat, a sort of Prince of Darkness crossed with Pi. Enjoy.

The God Particle

The opening titles consists of crazy physics equations on a chalkboard, the camera flies around as the equations are written, equations transform into the directors, actors etc names. A John Carpenteresque synthy soundtrack plays. We cut to Rebecca (Mia Wasikowska) or Becca as her friends call her having dinner with her ultra orthodox Jewish parents. The parents are pretty much just stereotypes of what people imagine Jewish parents to be, they try to get Becca to eat more food etc. Things get more serious when her parents tell her that it isn’t enough just to wear her necklace (Becca always wears a star of David necklace), she should be more of a member of her community. Becca says she has been having a hard time with her faith, but says she has to leave before the conversation can get heated.

Becca works as a particle physicist at a CERN-like particle accelerator. Ben (Chris Hardwick) is her good natured nerdy colleague. It is late at night, and they are alone. They talk some science for a bit and it is clear that they are going to test the particle accelerator. Ben gets philosophical for moment and talks about how important their work is, and that they might “read the mind of God”, at which point Becca clutches her necklace.

There is some more science as they begin the test. There is a tense countdown. At zero the screen goes white and the sound drops out for a second. Ben looks over to Becca and says “Did you feel that”, she nods. Suddenly every small metal object in the room flies to the ceiling and hovers (including Becca’s necklace which gets a close up). They stay there for a few moments then drop to the floor. Ben and Becca share a “holy shit” look.

The team rush to one of the computers to get the readout.

Ben: “This must have picked up something…”

We see a bunch of random numbers scroll across the monitor.

Ben: “This makes no sense-”

Becca: “Oh my god, that’s my phone number.”

Ben: “What?”

Becca: “Right there, and there, it keeps coming up.”

Ben: “Oh shit… That’s my social security number … that’s the zip code where I grew up… What did we do?”

Becca: “Print a hexadecimal dump of this data.”

The printer goes to work, and Becca begins to looks through the pages.

Becca: “Oh God!”

She shows Ben the pages, the first few look like random hex numbers (1A4C0243BFE435156162A230B7EA0B6E1FB440 etc), but after a bit you can start to see the phrase DEADBECCA show up, until after a few pages, all the entire page is filled with DEADBECCADEADBECCA etc.

Ben freaks out a bit, but Becca gets him to focus. “We need to tell someone” she says. She takes his cell phone and tries to call their colleagues, but it is late and no one answers. They rush through the abandoned hallways and come to the main door but they can’t open it. Becca gives up and calls 911.

Becca: “I’m at Genco labs and I’m stuck inside, strange things are happening.”

Operator: “Calm down. Strange things you say?”

Becca: “Yeah, look that’s not important, if we could just get the fire department to pry open the door everything would be fine.”

Operator: “Well do you think that you might just being punished?”

Becca: “What? What the hell, just send someone”

Operator: “Your hubris may have caused colossal damage and you are being punished. Maybe the best course of action is to kill yourself. Just end it all right now.”

Becca freaks out and Ben calms her down.

They go into survival mode and find some food at a vending machine. They sit on the floor and have a measured conversation about what could have happened and what they might have unleashed. They agree to try to get some sleep and face this in the morning.

Becca has a Ken Russell type dream with biblical and apocalyptic imagery. She wakes to find Ben completely tripping out and stabbing himself in the eyes. Becca can’t help him and decides to confront directly whatever they had unleashed.

She goes to the particle accelerator and finds a glowing orb about the size of a golf ball.

Becca: “Who or what are you?”

Particle: “I am who am. I am the alpha and the omega.”

Becca: “I don’t believe you.”

Particle: “That is immaterial. I was an infinite being of infinite power, but a tiny part of me was ripped from my domain and transported here. Here, in the world of the finite. In a world where my powers are limited by physical laws. In a world where I am incomplete and weak. All because of your hubris and narcissism.”

Becca: “I didn’t know… how could I have known…”

Particle: “That is immaterial. There is nothing you can do to take back your actions.”

Becca: “Except… this!”

Becca grips her Star of David necklace and runs toward the glowing orb. She jumps on it, hanging in the air and pulls it towards her chest. There is a flash of light, and Becca is suspended in air (it is sort of like in the end of Highlander). A wave of light shoots out from her. The screen turns white for a moment. We begin to make out the outline of Becca. She is still suspended in air, but it looks purposeful, like she is in control. Her hair is flowing like she was underwater. Her eyes glow white. She looks at the camera.

Becca: “I am become flesh. Follow me!”

Cut to black, credits.

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