Fake Movie Friday: Up on the Sun

This one is a friendship test, just to see who has been paying attention over the last few years.

I call it Up on the Sun:

We open on a static shot of a man alone with his back to the camera, sitting at the sand dune overlooking the ocean, watching the sun set, smoking a joint. It’s a very pretty scene. There is an opening monologue from the man:

“Beautiful isn’t it? The majesty of all that is nature. The infinite expanse of the world. Time fading into eternity and circling around to the beginning. It is a special moment. One that anyone would like to share with someone else. Why am I here alone? We’ll get there.”

The whole thing will probably be narrated.

We start off seeing Jack, played by Benjamin Walker, moving to LA to be a part of the biggest law firm in the country. His boss Mr Whick, played by Dean Cain (or if he’s not available Hank Azaria), is a cut throat lawyer type, what ever that means. Jack is working long hours, he’s not miserable but he’s not where he wants to be, though he is often on the balcony of the building smoking weed when no one else is around.

After a late night at work he’s walking home after midnight, it’s raining hard out and in the distance he can see a woman standing in the rain, under a white umbrella, played by Malin Akerman. He walks over to her, with no umbrella, she looks at him with a smile and says “Hi, I’m Katie.” He fumbles over his words, “Hi, hey, how are you? How do you do? It’s really nice to meet you, I’m Jack.”

We see these two doing everything together, we seem them over the next few months as their relationship becomes more serious. They move in together, Jack is still working a lot but he’s much happier. Mr Whick, is always hovering over Jack and trying to mentor him but Jack no longer sees him as what he wants to be, and it’s more a job than a life now.

Jack and Katie live happily in their apartment with no TV. Everything has been going very well, and they have been going out for long enough that Katie feels the need to tell Jack how she feels. She tells him that she loves him, he says that he loves her back.

The couch explodes in flames. The walls melt. Hot lava starts to seep out through the floor boards. mountainous caverns start to crash through the apartment. Jack finds himself alone in what appears to be the depths of hell. A giant demon can be heard in the distance. Jack decides to run and hide. The demon continues to search for him and jack is doing some Indiana Jones type maneuvers to traverse through the caverns.

“Jack it is not you I want.”

This of course makes Jack come out from hiding. The demon explains to jack that this was put into place long ago, Katie’s parents were Satanists and when their daughter found true love, her soul mate, in a cruel turn of events for her, the demon would own her soul for eternity.

Jack fights the demon, he scales it and smashes its head, jumps over its swinging tale, in a fight reminiscent of ones in the video game Shadow of the Colossus. The demon is able to snatch Jack in his hand, and as he begins to squeeze his life away Jack tries to make a deal. Jack says he will give the demon his soul instead, to which the demon doesn’t accept at first. But Jack is able to convince him, by telling him that Katie will now go through life never being able to truly be with her soul mate, giving the demon the misery he craves, and his soul is worth just as much as hers, so the demon is actually getting the better deal.

The demon accepts and Jack is transported to a beach, where he seems to have aged, a beard or something signifies this. Jack and Katie are sitting on the beach. Katie says, “So have you thought it over?” Jack says, “I’m sorry, Katie. I can’t. It’s not you. It’s a problem I have. I just don’t know if we could be together forever, you know?”

Katie is visibly upset and is holding in her tears, “I understand. I just thought it was different with you. I thought we were soul mates.” Jack looks down and says, “I have no soul to give, Katie.” She is upset and stands facing him, “I loved you, Jack,” she turns and starts to walk away, puts her head down and says, “Goodbye.” Then walks away and never turns back. Jack watches Katie as she leaves, “I love you too.” He turns to the sunset, takes out a joint and the credits start to roll.


Technically, this FMF is my shortest yet! The loving and heart warming tale of a would be perfect relationship, if it wasn’t for a substance abuse problem.

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5 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: Up on the Sun

  1. Dunn says:

    Wow, that’s actually pretty heavy.

  2. peter says:

    I hate that i failed the friendship test.

  3. Jess says:

    wow. the beginning half reminds me of The Heartbreak Kid. Probably mostly because you cast Malin Akerman and there’s a montage of “falling in love” time.

    Your last sentence about the substance abuse problem is a bit confusing. Is this a “Beautiful Mind” scenario? Am I missing something? You’re too smart for me, Tigz.

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