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Fake Movie Friday: Knockout Nanny

Did you ever see Mr Nanny? Yeah I still watch it all the time. Kind of like that. Or The Pacifier, etc etc etc.

I present for your reading pleasure: Knockout Nanny

Julie has been the nanny for the Henderson’s for 5 years now. She’s 29, handles 13 year old Niles and the 7 year old Amanda very well. They both love her and she them. Mr Henderson, Jeffry (played by Hank Azaria), works long hours for the government on top secret projects. Mrs Henderson, Rachel, is an alcoholic, but a lovable, competent one who has more hilarious situations than disastrous.

There are scenes of Julie chasing the kids around, getting them ready for school, Rachel is passed out at the kitchen table and Jeff is running out the door. Julie is able to drive the kids to school, go grocery shopping and keep the Henderson’s life sane. She is also a black belt in muay thai kickboxing. We see scenes of her in her gym training with her master, Jin. Continue reading

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Fake Movie Friday: Up on the Sun

This one is a friendship test, just to see who has been paying attention over the last few years.

I call it Up on the Sun:

We open on a static shot of a man alone with his back to the camera, sitting at the sand dune overlooking the ocean, watching the sun set, smoking a joint. It’s a very pretty scene. There is an opening monologue from the man:

“Beautiful isn’t it? The majesty of all that is nature. The infinite expanse of the world. Time fading into eternity and circling around to the beginning. It is a special moment. One that anyone would like to share with someone else. Why am I here alone? We’ll get there.”

The whole thing will probably be narrated.

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Fake Movie Friday- Jimmy Klipse Meets the Devil

It is Friday and you know what that means! We’re a little movie crazy over here at MMP, most of us are currently recovering from Avengers at midnight (“I’m getting too old for this shit” – Danny Glover speaking for us), and on Fridays we like to show you what you might be watching if we made movies. This one is called Jimmy Klipse Meets the Devil, it’s pretty awful, and I’m fucking tired…

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