Fake Movie Friday: Murder-plex

I went to the 84th street theater on a Wednesday morning to go see Sinister. I didn’t even know there was a movie theater, but it was 6 bucks. No one was around and it freaked the crap out of me. Luckily two people showed up during the previews otherwise the movie would have been 100x scarier and it wasn’t really scary in the first place. Here’s the idea I got.


A couple rides an escalator down holding popcorn. The lights begin to flicker as they near the theater showing their film “Denny and Thelma.” The lights showing the name of the film flicker as they walk through the door so it reads “De a Th .“

The get their seats and the woman comments that they are all alone. The guy takes this as a cue and they make out. The sound of the door at the back of the theater is heard and she turns. They see no one and the guy tries to continue the fooling around. She pushes him away but he pushes on, we zoom in on him while she stops struggling. We see his hand move up to the back of her head where he finds a knife sticking out the back He screams and pulls back, blood on his lips as we see it poring from her mouth, nose, and eyes. A hand comes around and slits his throat. BLACK OUT. TITLE.

We open back up on Jack getting dressed in a college dorm room. He stares at a picture of a girl on his computer. Terry bursts through the door and yells “Party”. Terry gives Jack crap about the picture of the girl, Wendy, who will be at a bar they are headed out too. Another friend they call Jones comes in and says the cab is there.

We cut to them doing shots as Jack notices Wendy. She is surrounded by people and laughing. She walks up to the bar with Carol to get drinks. Terry pushes Jack into her and they talk a bit. She recognizes him from a class and they part ways. Upon returning to his friends, they laugh at him for only getting two sentences out. More shots.

The three guys file out of the bar later and they go to get a cab. They find Wendy and Carol trying to find a cab as well. A strange looking van stops to pick them up and they all share a cab. Jones awkwardly tries to flirt with Carol and they all laugh at him. Jack is about to talk to Wendy when Terry speaks up concerned about the route the cab is taking. He argues with the driver and they are all kicked out. It begins to rain and they get mad at Terry. He says it’s fine and it will be his treat, pointing across the street to the theater.

They walk in as Carol says she never knew there was a theater there. The place is empty except for one strange man selling tickets who limps over to also serve them concessions. Jones makes fun of him and they laugh, Carol gives him a bad look. They past by a poster for “Denny and Thelma” but on it is the couple from the beginning.

They go and sit down, Jack next to Wendy. Jones tries to sit with Carol .

Carol: I hate you so much.
Jones: Want to go smoke some weed in the bathroom before the movie?
Carol: I love you.

The two go off and Terry tries harder to get Jack to talk to Wendy. It doesn’t go well. We cut to the bathroom as Carol checks herself out in the mirror.

Carol: We going to light up?
Jones: One minute!

She turns to find him peeing in a urinal. She yells at him then screams as a hooded figure comes out of a stall.

Jones: Calm down, I know it looks scary but it only wants to love you.

He feels a hand on his head, and says something else clever I’m too tired to think of right now, as his head is twisted around. His neck snaps and he falls to he ground. Carol runs out of the bathroom. Jack and Wendy are talking about something as Carol comes crashing in.

(Ok I saw cloud Atlas today and can’t think about shitty movies. I also think we all know where this is going so here’s the quick version since its so late)

-They run Scooby doo style around hiding.

-They head to the lobby but no one is there.

-Before reaching the front door they are attacked Carol is killed when the hooded figure takes one of those poles that they make the ticket lines with and smashes her head.

-Terry saves the other two later but is stabbed.

-They find satanic markings in the projection booth. They pass by a movie poster with Jones in it.

-Jack and Wendy kiss.

-They make it to the front door and when opening them and walking through they arrive back in the theater.

-The creepy ticket guy explains that there is no escape; they are grabbed by the hooded figure. Tied up with film and set on fire.

The camera zooms back out of the theater and we see the front entrance. It flicks just like the lights in and out of existence.



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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Ohhhh that last shot is awwwwesome. Also poor Jones… just wanted to smoke some weed…

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