Fake Movie Friday: Tampered Expectations

The great John Tiglias gave me this title. So I named the main character after him. It’s INDIE yo!

Tampered Expectations

Our main character John sits on his couch staring at the wall. Pacing back and forth in front of him his a Hannah. She is yelling at him, but we don’t see her face. We only get bits and pieces as the sound is going in and out, but it’s clear she is breaking up with him and moving out. Words like immature and aimless are heard. Sound clears up and she asks “are you even listening?” He only says “I can be better?” She laughs and walks away, as he actually says this as a question.

Cut to John at work. He works at a mini golf place. He is pouring range balls into the dispenser machine and is approached by Rich. Rich is in all golf whites. He is an instructor there and John’s best friend. Rich is super popular with the women at the range and we see him flirt with them, the women who get lessons and moms. John tells him about the break up and Rich seems to not care. He says he always hated Hannah. He tells John he’s got the perfect girl for him anyway. John jokes that it better not be a golf mom and Rich says those are all for him. The girl Tracy, is a friend of a friend. John agrees to go out for drinks.

John walks into the bar and greets Rich and a mixed group. Rich introduces everyone, but no Tracy. Another girl, Kayla, sees that John was looking for her and says that she couldn’t make it. Kayla says Tracy will be disappointed because John looks like just her type. Rich takes over the night and the group parties. John stays on the outside of the group and Kayla comes over a bit drunk. She starts talking about how awesome Tracy is, how John will definitely like her. John starts to get a bit more interested.

Next day he pesters Rich, who is annoyed since he was flirting with a golf mom (he calls them Molfs). Rich says he only met Tracy once but she seems to be exactly the perfect girl for John. Rich says she stays a bit off the grid, thus they can’t find her on FB or anything. That night John can’t sleep, he keeps building in his mind what Tracy looks like. Pacing around his place he keeps imaging a girl talking about his apartment. He looks at things and we here a woman’s voice say something positive like “I love Kurosawa films!” and then another voice saying “It’s not in English and HOW long?!” He gets in bed and pulls the covers over his head.

Few days later and shows up to work and Rich said Tracy was just there. John gets really excited as Rich says she really liked what she’s heard about him. Rich tries to calm him down, but John says all he needs to do is see her once and he’ll know. He knows he wasted his time with Hannah cause he didn’t know in that first second. He should see her in see the rest of his life in that first moment. Rich laughs at John and goes off to teach a lesson.

They go out again but no Tracy. He questions everyone he can about her. They tell him she’s been just as excited to meet him. Hannah taps John on the shoulder and says she wants to talk. He looks annoyed and they go outside. Hannah says she made a mistake and wants to give them another shot. John seems like a different person and she realized she misses him. He says no. She presses him as to why and he says he found someone else.

At work again Rich tells him that Tracy is at this cafe near by and John can stop by after work. John runs through the driving range not caring about the incoming golf balls Rich yells to him but John ignores him. He gets to the cafe and walks in. Close up of his face and only his face as he scans the room, his eyes widen. We pull back a little but we still only see him. Flashes of him on dates with her (WE NEVER SEE HER), curled up on couch, wedding day, maternity war, holding a baby, watching kid graduate, 40th anniversary party, old and dying in bed holding her hand.

The End


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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Well it’s always odd to read myself dying in a movie that I didn’t write, but awesome! The Kurosawa line made me laugh out loud at work.

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