Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Barfight

Sitting at a bar and thought what Russ was talking about sounded like a great FMF. That’s when I realized what day it was.


We open in a bar where the music has stopped and everyone gasps. The camera pans around to find a man behind dragged away as we then go close in on another man knocked out on the ground. Two men looking shocked go to pick him up.

We jump to the two men, Matt and Doug, playing pool in basement. One of them is on the phone trying to get a third, Roger, out with them. We find out the one on the phone is the person we saw knocked out. The two talk about how their friend had never been in a fight and having been knocked out his ruined his motivation to go out and party with them.

Doug’s pregnant wife calls down for them to come up and we got the feeling that this will be the end of the three friends going out once she gives birth. We also see Matt’s the real single party guy in the bunch and the thought of this seems to bother him.

He stops by Roger’s place who we see is pretty needy and sheepish. Matt tries to convince him to come out but he says no. Going to work hung over was one thing but a black eye was too much.

Matt goes out by himself and ends up meeting Claire. They hit it off but she is out with a group and pulled away from the lone man at the bar. Matt looks deep in thought and we see he has an idea. The next day he goes to Doug’s and pitches it to him. They will get Roger out and set her up to get in a fight that they will are sure he wins.

Doug says he has a guy and calls him up to set it up. They are able to get Roger out and liquored up. Roger sees a women getting bothered by a man and starts to confront him. Matt turns to Doug and says the plan is working perfectly. Doug says he’s never seen that man before in his life.

Roger ends up laying him out and they are now joined by a group of the women’s friends and start to party hard. The guy hit meets up with his group of very scary looking friends. The group runs into Claire. The two of them have a ton of chemistry still but seem to disagree about fighting.

The other guy and his friends show up and Matt has to pull a now TOO drunk confident Roger away. The three friends and Claire are then chased through the city from bar to bring as they can’t get Roger to go home.

Claire seems to be getting tired of the partying and the violence that seems to follow the friends around. They are finally cornered by the aggressors and Matt tries to give a speech about not fighting before a VERY drunk Roger knocks him out. As he passes out he sees Claire walking away.

He awakes the next morning in his own bed with Roger by his side. Roger apologizes but even the next day seems to have retained his confidence. He invites attached out the next weekend and turns to leave. Matt seems annoyed that Roger is leaving but Roger says

“I’m sure you are in good hands”

He walks out of the room and Claire enters. She is carrying a bag of ice and a cup of coffee. She sits next to Matt handing him the ice. He says he thought she left. She says she went to get them a cab, proud of him for what he said. She kisses his forehead and he winces. She’s says something cute and callbacky as we fade to black.

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3 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Barfight

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Another excellent FMF Pete! I didn’t know you were such a romantic. Week 2 in the books!

  2. Tom says:

    For a shitty movie it’s fine.

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