Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Almost Like Me

I was sitting here binge watching the new Gilmore Girls when Pete texted me that he forgot to write a FMF today and wrote one at a bar, and there’s no way I’m letting him get one up on me this early into Vol 2. A few great title suggestions from Pete later and we have:

Almost Like Me

Scientist Spencer Bachman has been working with the department of defense for years, and they have started to get fed up with him. He’s been working on a cloning technology for years but there has always been something wrong with his creations. They’ve been unable to control them and they all eventually end up going crazy within the first few minutes of being created. Spencer has another meeting to show off what he has come up with. A shadowy council watches on as the newest clone comes out of it’s chamber. Spencer sits in a room with him and begins asking questions.

Everything starts off fine, the clones displays all of the intelligence of Spencer, able to answer questions about his past without any issues. But then comes the final test, they hand a mirror to the clone and it bursts into a horrible rage. With a shard of the mirror in his hand the clone launches at Spencer when one of the council members fires a shot at the clone. The clone drops dead and the council tells Spencer that he is almost out of chance left before they move on to a new scientist.

Spencer works night and day, there are white boards, black boards, giant note pads, sticky notes, macbooks, surface books, all of them filled with scientific looking things, like giant long math problems with variables that mean nothing to the audience but seem like they must be very important because they are in a scientists office. There is a montage of multiple clone experiments and all of them going crazy. Spencer falls asleep at his desk and is woken up the next day being told that it’s time for his next display.

It starts off the exact same as the one before, with everything seemingly going okay. The moment of truth comes, and Spencer hands the clone a mirror. The clone looks at it slowly, looks at Spencer and everything seems fine. The clone and Spencer have a discussion about why the clone is there and what it is, what life is, etc, it’s a lot like My Dinner With Andre. The clone starts to break down and cry, and as Spencer gets up to console him a shot is fired from the shadowy council. Spencer is distraught, when he is told he has only one chance left.

Spencer goes back to his lab and starts doing all his science stuff again when he freaks out. He starts to trash his office and starts to formulate a plan. He goes to the room where the interview happens and starts loading it up with weapons, he adds a very thin but bullet proof piece of glass between the room and where the council sits (he is a scientist making clones after all, I think he can make that). He writes down some stuff on a piece of paper that says something like “Trust me” and then an explanation of what’s going to happen at the display.

The day comes and Spencer goes into the room. The shadowy council are sitting there as well, Spencer and the clone sit in the room. Spencer starts talking to the clone, asking him questions, everything going fine. He gives the clone the mirror, which has the note he wrote attached to it and everything is still going fine. They start to have another My Dinner With Andre conversation and everything goes well. The clone doesn’t end up breaking down or anything and Spencer is incredibly happy with how this has turned out, he stands up and exclaims. There is a single person clapping from the shadowy council, Spencer turns and watches as the person comes towards the glass when horror comes over Spencer’s face as he stares past the glass looking at himself. Spencer starts to freak out realizing that he’s a clone, jumps at the figure only to hit the glass that he has placed there the other day. He digs around for a gun his planted and fires wildly at the shadowy council Spencer filly knowing that nothing will come of it when another shot is fired and Spencer drops dead to the ground as we see the clone holding the smoking gun. The clone puts down the gun and looks to the shadowy Spencer and nods. The shadowy Spencer says something like, “we have a lot of work to do.” As the screen cuts to black.


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