Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Original Sister

Volume 2 keeps on rolling! Did I think we’d make it to week 3 in volume 2? Nope, but here we are letting the creative juices flow, as some would say. Got this title from Pete this morning, and I gotta say I’m not sure if I’m on a clone kick of if he is, or maybe we are both in the same clone mindset. Either way, my self proclaimed, lightly connected by theme only, Clone Saga continues. I’m thinking about calling it the Clone Wars, no one’s used that before.  Now, without further Apu (smirk) I give you:

Original Sister

Patricia Hieland is an architect, married with two kids, an avid soul cycle goer, living in the city of Spitzer Ridge Connecticut. She’s been living there her whole life and as such has known many people who’ve come and gone, but she’s always stayed. When she’s not at home, work or soul cycle, she’s with her sister Beth, who has cancer and has been in and out of hospitals for the better part of her adult life. For the past few months Beth has been confined to her hospital bed with what looks like no hope of ever leaving. The doctors have been doing all they can but the disease has spread and can no longer be contained no matter what they do. Patricia stays long hours at the hospital, sometimes staying all night with her sister to have as much time as she can.

Real estate mogul Jack Trance owns most everything in Spitzer Ridge, the hospital, food stores, cemeteries, bowling allies, apartment complexes, personal and public parks, clothes stores, not to mention the water purification plant and some factories throughout town. He’s been working with a team of scientists to be able to create what he believes will be the most important breakthrough in human history since the knife that slices bread, a cloning technology that has the ability to recreate a persons being perfectly. Through all of the public and private records that a person has, along with any internet presence and, if possible, their brain, he is able to create an actual human person. Not a robot or some other crap, but an actual living, breathing, eating, cycling human person.

As Beth’s healths continues to deteriorate Patricia spots a news story on this new cloning tech. She discusses with her husband who thinks that it might not be the healthiest option for the family. Could it really replace her actual sister, would Patricia live the rest of her life lying to herself that this woman really is her sister, but Patricia is almost completely sold on the idea.  She talks to Beth about it and Beth also has her reservations about the idea and Patricia starts to second guess. When Patricia makes up her mind to not do this she goes to the hospital to tell Beth that she’s her only sister and no one could ever replace her, but when she gets there she discovers Beth’s empty room. The doctors tell her that there was nothing left they could do and it was finally her time. She passed peacefully and they were deeply sorry for what happened. Patricia spirals out of control. She stops going to Soul Cycle completely.

Up late at night now she watches whatever junk is on TV until all hours of the morning. Her health, family relationship and career are all in peril when an ad for the Clone-Tec comes on and she decides she has to do it. She tells her husband who is still against the idea, but says if it’ll get her out of her slump then she probably should do it.

Before the funeral she goes to Clone-Tec and sets everything up, handing over all records and even giving them the authority to have her sisters brain. It’s a beautiful funeral after that. A few weeks go by with nothing then all of the sudden there is a knock at the door and Beth is standing there in front of her, it looks almost perfect except for a new beauty mark on her face and some added wrinkles but it’s her sister alright. They laugh and cry, they have some big conversation about life that’s a lot like My Dinner With Andre again (see my FMFV2 from last week).

Everything is fine for a while until Beth starts talking about events in their life that never happened, but insists that she and Patricia were there together. Patricia has no knowledge about any of this and starts to get angry about it. She has calls with Clone-Tec to discuss how this is possible and they say something must have went wrong, and someone will pick Beth up under the guise of a doctor and they will send another one to her. So she does, and a few weeks later another Beth shows up. No beauty mark a few other wrinkles and a different color of eyes, but it’s still basically Beth. They talk about things they did as kids and everything seems fine until Beth starts talking about events from growing up that Patricia again doesn’t remember having with Beth, but Beth is totally sure they happened. Patricia is again furious over he not quite perfect recreation of a sister, and again has her taken away but doesn’t want her to be replaced anymore.

Patricia, up late still, starts to visit her sisters grave at night when she can’t sleep and talks to the grave. One of these nights while speaking she starts to notice freshly laid dirt patches in the cemetery and then starts to notice people coming into the cemetery late at night. Patricia hides from them and watches them closely and one night decides to follow them. She notices they digging up graves and taking the bodies with them. She follows them to the Clone-Tec headquarters and breaks in, hiding under the car or maybe they just leave a gate open. She quietly sneaks around the facility and sees plastic surgeons going to work on the dead bodies and making them look like other people, then move onto some weird flashing room that seems to partially remove the deceased’s memory and then start feeding them more information to add new memories. She notices people she knew as a child and people she went to school with who had died there being transformed into new people. In her shock and horror doesn’t realize Jack Trance come up behind her and grab her. She is thrown into some holding cell thing where Jack basically spills all the beans about what they are doing, and that the reason the new Beth’s had been remembering things she didn’t was because the memories of the person they transformed into Beth were leaking into the new Beth’s memories. But one thing Jack hadn’t been able to do yet was transfer a full living brain into a new person. Patricia tries to fight it but is thrown into a chair, she sees the plastic surgeons make a dead body look exactly like her when finally all goes black.

The next morning Patricia wakes up at home with no memory of the night before. She goes to get ready for work as and everything is fine. She kisses her husband, says bye to her kids and heads off. In a final shot we see a new birth mark on the back of her neck, or something, that had never been there before.


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  1. Dunn says:

    Really digging the clone stuff!

  2. peter says:

    Every soul cycle mention killed me.

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