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Oblivion & How M83 Will Make Sweet Love To It

The Tom Cruise starring futuristic sci-fi film Oblivion will be out next spring.  It is being directed by Joseph Kosinski of the beautiful-looking Tron:Legacy.  One of the coolest things about it was the look of the grid.  Kosinski has a good eye for stuff like that and Oblivion is his film completely meaning he wrote it, so I’m hopeful that his writing skills match-up to his ability to shoot a scene.  It’s about a future where Tom Cruise is one of the last men left on earth and his job is to repair drones that help protect us from aliens.  Morgan Freeman is in it too, so that’s good.  I’m assuming a lot more will happen than that, but it has me at the premise.

It’s been filming for a while and wraps production in about a month or so.  Word has it that the Prog-Rock Electronic band M83 has been tapped to do the score for the film.  Without seeing one bit of footage of this film, I know that this is an inspired choice.  Joseph Kosinski was a music video director prior to directing films, so this is a case of him reaching back a bit I’m sure, but I give him full credit for this for two reasons:

1) M83 is one of my favorite bands of the last 3-4 years

2) Daft Punk’s score made Tron:Legacy a better film than it had any business being.

I liked Tron:L, but I can agree it had many many flaws.  However, the music was not one of them.  The music fully ingratiated me into the world further, and was awesome.  It also wasnt just a soundtrack.  It was a full score.  I think M83 can pull this off as well.  They do epic music better than most.

A teaser trailer for this film can’t come soon enough.

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Batman Worked Because It Was Batman

That’s it! It’s time to make a ridiculous statement that I will in no means follow through on.

I, Peter, hereby swear that if during a films production I read a quote from a writer/director/producer that they want to do something like Dark Knight, that I will not see that movie.

Ok, I won’t follow that but come on.
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Movie Movie Podcast #8: Boy of Ages

Don’t stop! Podcastin! That’s as far down that rabbit hole as we’re going to go. A new week, a new podcast and I know you can’t wait to dig your teeth in! In what Peter has dubbed “The Worst Weekend of the Summer,” the four amigos, aka the MMP crew, aka Preist and the Beekeeper, aka us, trudged through the mud and saw Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy. Interested in either of those? Just press play and we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t be! Recorded on June 19th 2012 at The Goo! Studios in NYC. Produced by, ex-super villain, Matt “the city needs a new hero” Giordano.

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The Mission Impossible Conundrum

Gina Carano is in talks to join the cast of Fast Six. This is of course a perfect move on the production’s part. A tough woman character is needed for that franchise to get more fans now that its not about racing cars, instead of the sexy lady characters the film is populated with.

If there’s on thing all of us here at Movie Movie can agree on, it’s that Fast Five was a masterpiece of action cinema. It worked at a fast pace, had likeable characters, and a good balance of believable and unbelievable stunts. Movies lately seem to want to choose only one path.

I call this the Mission Impossible Conundrum.

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