Fake Movie Friday: Bonus Year

I got a bonus check today. If you’ve never been given a bonus I highly suggest you try it. It is delightful. Oh yeah, it’s week 52! Thank you everyone who has read any of these. If you’ve read all 52 and are not named Tigs or Russ then you are one of my favorite people in the world. You deserve a bonus.

Bonus Year

Movie opens up at a New Year’s Eve party. Alone in the corner sits our main character Dave scribbling in a notebook. Everyone around him is having a good time but he keeps writing and reading. Up walks a friend of his, Chris, who questions him about the book. It’s been a diary of every day of the year. Dave says it’s been a shitty year and this book sums up all his mistakes. A girl pulls Chris away as the party starts counting down. As the clock hits midnight and 2014 begins Dave tosses the book off the balcony.

He wakes up the next day and the book his on his nightstand. He doesn’t seem to notice it and goes about his day. After he showers he sits down and flips on the news. He gets a phone call from someone yelling at him. He is confused because it’s his old boss who fired him in July saying that he is late for work. He tries to explain that he was fired and his boss yells at him some more. On the news he notices they are talking about how it is January 1st 2013.

He runs out and heads to work. He is confused but goes throughout his day. He starts to remember bits about this day from last year. He gets home that night and notices the book on his nightstand. It is still filled with his entries from each day of 2013. He heads out to look for Chris. He tries to explain it but Chris laughs at him. He tells Chris that tomorrow he will be getting a promotion.

The following day Chris gets the promotion and starts to believe Dave. Dave explains to Chris that 2013 was actually an awful year for him and he doesn’t want to relive it. Chris tells him that with the book he can make it better.

We see him start to go through the year and work is getting better. He’s been promoted. He avoided getting into a car accident, his fault, which totaled his car. He is able to visit his father before he dies. He skips the place where he gets food poisoning and sick for a week. His life his going better but he’s not quite happy. Then he meets Claire.

He starts to see her and things go well. He’s really happy and leaves the book at home. The relationship takes a bad turn as he makes a mistake one night. He runs home to the book but the pages are blank. He freaks out, as he has to try and solve his problems without it. He ends up losing his job. He forgets his mom’s birthday. He gets in a different car accident. Chris is talking to him about everything and Dave says that the pages of the book are returning and they don’t look good. Chris yells at him and says that he needs to take responsibility for his own shit.

New Year’s Eve is coming and he reads from the book. The page for December 31st is blank as he remembers he never wrote in it that night. He calls Claire and tells her she is sorry and really wants to see her that night at the party. He stands waiting at the party and she texts him Happy New Year but she can’t. He tosses the book off the balcony again as the clock hits midnight.

He wakes up and goes on with his day. He gets the call again from his boss as the news says it is 2013. He tells his boss to go fuck himself. Tosses the book out the window and goes to find Claire, trying the year again.


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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Excellent Pete. Get ready to relive the last 52 weeks over the next 52 weeks as we continue on our FMF journey. Congrats on 52, and cheers to another 52

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