Fake Movie Friday Retrospective: Dunn and Company

The most disappointing thing about this year of Fake Movie Fridays was the lack of submissions. We got some really great ones but I always heard from people that they wanted to do one but just haven’t written it out. These brave few made the leap. If I forgot anyone, I am so sorry. ALSO keep this going and send your Fake Movie Fridays to us!

Andrew Dunn burst onto the site in the beginning supplying many fantastic FmFs and has since become a full fledged member of the writing crew.

The White Wolf
One of Dunn’s more recent efforts turns out to be one of his best. If you are intelligent you thought Brave was a let down. Read this instead.

Cherry Goo-Goo
Dunn is a weird dude.

Law of the Jungle
He is also an action genius

The Clock
Ashely Carter is a crazy person. Don’t let her cute little girl frame deceive you. When she turns full evil, don’t worry I am prepared to fight her.

Super Mario Bros
Michael Stevens approaches writing a FmF from all sides. Try and keep up with the world he creates

The Dinosaurs are Extinct and So is Love
Lisa LoFaso joined us for 2 films. Check out her first about gender, love, society, and dinosaurs

Occupy My Heart Strings
Our Pig Pile pal Zach Broussard joined us one week for this delightful tale of love in a hopeless place: Occupy Wall Street.

Crispus Attucks Troll Hunter
Our former coach and always mentor Tarik Davis sent us this trailer. Watch it or be forever less of a person.

Last but not least, Mr. ALex Koveos, a.k.a the Illusive Man, a.k.a Cheryl Crow. Alex popped in one week to deliver this thriller. Read it and tell him you like him, he needs it.