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The Quests Stands Upon the Edge of a Knife

A few weeks ago Russ brought you news about the Black Panther Movie. Casting rumors are starting and it’s a classic case of good idea, don’t you fucking ruin this movie right because I will flip the fuck out.
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Total Recall Trailer Three

Well, actually it’s trailer 2 but check out 0:24 and you’ll see why I’m officially behind this remake.

At first I was against remaking this film. They premiered footage at last years New York Comic Con and I forgot about my allegiance to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now this trailer makes it seem even better.

I can’t wait to be disappointed by this film.


Movie Movie Podcast #9: Seeking a Brave Friend for Vampire Hunting

Wanted: A podcast that likes me for me, taking long walks on the beach, and talking all night until morning about anything. A podcast who loves traveling and exploring, but is most comfortable sitting at home on the couch watching a movie. Join Russ, Peter, Alex and myself as we discuss Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Brave and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Recorded on June 25th 2012 at The Goo Studios in NYC. Produced by resident duder and possible vampire Matt “I’m not looking at your neck” Giordano.

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Terrible Title, Pretty Trailer

This trailer popped online yesterday. I thought about posting it but decided not to. The “from the creators of” credits do absolutely nothing for me. The stylized trailer makes the movie look gorgeous but the story doesn’t seem to be anything new. Thats coming from someone who loved ‘Avatar’ so much he saw it 4 times in the theater. It seems to have the potential to absolutely disappoint me if I start to get excited about it. Maybe a second trailer would help. What do you think?

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Batman Worked Because It Was Batman

That’s it! It’s time to make a ridiculous statement that I will in no means follow through on.

I, Peter, hereby swear that if during a films production I read a quote from a writer/director/producer that they want to do something like Dark Knight, that I will not see that movie.

Ok, I won’t follow that but come on.
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Kevin Nash & The Big Sexy Screen Renaissance

Kevin Nash is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of the mid to late 90’s and early 00’s.  He was apart of many major storylines and was awesome.  In his career he’s dabbled in films as Super Shredder in TMNT2 and as an evil guard in Adam Sandler’s The Longest Yard.  Now it seems like we are (or at least I am) experiencing a renaissance of sorts for the man as he appeared in Rock of Ages as a bouncer, and will be in Magic Mike playing a stripper named Tarzan.  In Magic Mike, which is going to be a hit, it seems like he’ll actually get something to do as he’s getting billed in the trailer.

Currently he’s in talks for a role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  That’s a huge step up for the man.  I am assuming that the role in question would either be a guard of some sort, but it makes more sense for him to be Brutus, one of the older victors of the Hunger Games who volunteers for the Quarter Quell.  He’ll never be a megastar, but I’d like to see him keep getting roles like this where he gets to be a little more than just the guard in the background.

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The RZA Will Make A Better Movie Than You

Here’s the first official look at the upcoming film written and directed by The RZA. It’s called ‘The Man With the Iron Fists’. So far so good. The image gives you a taste of the actually Iron Fists and some eyeball, thus I’m in. RZA has shown a good eye for film working on the scores of several films. The movie is described as a kung-fu film infused with a spaghetti western from a hip-hop influence. Can’t wait for a trailer

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Fake Movie Friday is almost upon us!

Happy Hump Day, Movie Movie Fan Fans.

Don’t forget to send in your Fake Movie Friday for this weeks big day. Anytime before Friday evening is preferable.

We are not turning ANYONE down!

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Kevin James & the Inspirational Sports Drama?

When I first heard that Kevin James was going to be in a movie playing a teacher who decides to start MMA fighting to make money for his failing school, I thought, “this is going to be a typical happy madison shitbird.” Then I saw the trailer for his film Here Comes The Boom and thought “Ok, it’s not happy madison, but its still shit.”

It’s like someone knew that while Warrior bombed, it was a good enough film, so why not toss in some comedy, some fat guy falling, and watch the money pile up.  I don’t think this will be good at all, but I think it will certainly do well.  The tone of this trailer is all over the place, but I doubt that’ll matter.

I still hate MMA though.


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Lego Batman & Superman In One Movie Together?

Lego: The Piece of Resistance is going to be a movie.  Legos.  It’s happening.  We are finally hitting that point where anything can be a movie.  I’m anxiously awaiting Crocs: The Movie inspired by Crocs The Shoes now.

But anyway this movie is going to be live action/animation hybrid and is going to star Chris Pratt as the lead character, and Will Arnett as Lego Batman.  Channing Tatum is also in talks to be Lego Superman.  I honestly think this is kind of awesome.  It’s going to be directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Clone High, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 21 Jump Street) and Chris McKay (Robot Chicken).   I can’t think of better people to bring the Lego world to life in a fun way.

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